What are the Parts of the Sun?

Much like Earth, the Sun is not a single object, but is made up of layer. Each layer is responsible…

8 years ago

What Is The Surface of Neptune Like?

As a gas giant, Neptune has no surface, in the traditional sense. But atop its cloud layers, some pretty amazing…

8 years ago

What If We Dug a Tunnel Through the Earth?

If we could dig a tunnel through the Earth, what would happen? And is this even possible? (more…)

9 years ago

Getting to the Core of Earth’s Falling Snow

[/caption] An international plan is unfolding that will launch satellites into orbit to study global snowfall precipitation with unprecedented detail.…

12 years ago

New Insights into the Moon’s Mysterious Magnetic Field

Ever since the Apollo era, scientist have known that the Moon had some kind of magnetic field in the past,…

12 years ago

How the Moon Became Magnetized

[/caption] It's been a mystery ever since the Apollo astronauts brought back samples of lunar rocks in the early 1970s.…

13 years ago

Hubble Finds “Oddball” Stars in Milky Way Hub

Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope to peer deep into the central bulge of our galaxy have found a population…

13 years ago

Why is the Center of the Earth Hot

[/caption] It interesting that we have explored further into space than we have explored the depths of the Earth. The…

14 years ago

Earth’s Layers For Kids

My son recently came back from a science day camp with one of the coolest things. It was a model…

15 years ago