Venus Meets Mercury This Weekend in a Fine Dusk Conjunction

What’s that? You say you’ve never seen elusive Mercury for yourself? You won’t have an excuse after this weekend, when…

4 years ago

Tiangong 1 Falls, Blue Moon Rises and Mars Takes Aim At Saturn

Skywatchers have a busy weekend ahead. The Chinese space station is expected to burn up in the atmosphere, the Moon…

6 years ago

November Opens with a Splendid Gathering of Moon and Planets

At dusk on November 2, skywatchers will see a beautiful crescent Moon pair up with the planets Venus and Saturn.

8 years ago

5 Days, 2 Spectacular Conjunctions

Conjunctions of bright planets make for jewelry in the sky. This week, get ready for some celestial shimmer. If you've been…

8 years ago

See All Five Naked Eye Planets in the Dusk Sky at Once

Hosting an evening star party this summer? Then you're in for a treat. Starting this week, all five naked eye…

8 years ago

Stunning Conjunction of Mars and Beta Scorpii This Week

Sneaky Mars creeps up on bright Graffias in Scorpius for a very close conjunction Wednesday morning. Even better, the star…

8 years ago

Guide to October’s Conjunction Mania, See Venus in Daylight

Tomorrow morning might be a good time to call for extra celestial traffic control. A slip of a crescent Moon will join…

9 years ago

Mars Meets the King of the Beasts

I was up before dawn today hoping to find the returning comet 205P/Giacobini and a faint new supernova in the…

9 years ago

Start Your Day with a Full House – Three Planets and a Pair of Crescents

The dawn sky's where it's happening. With Saturn swiftly sinking westward at dusk, bright planets have become scarce in the…

9 years ago

Venus and Jupiter Meet At Last

The year's finest conjunction is upon us. Chances are you've been watching Venus and Jupiter at dusk for some time.…

9 years ago