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NASA Wants New Ideas for Launching Lunar Payloads and Unlocking Climate Science!

The NASA Entrepreneur Challenge is seeking new ideas for delivering lunar payloads and advancing climate science.

1 year ago

NASA’s Long-Term Climate Predictions have Proven to be Very Accurate, Within 1/20th of a Degree Celsius

There are a handful of major science institutions around the world that keep track of the Earth's temperature. They all…

5 years ago

Weekly Space Hangout: April 18, 2018: Kevin Gill: Art and Science from Juno and MRO

Hosts: Fraser Cain ( / @fcain) Dr. Paul M. Sutter ( / @PaulMattSutter) Dr. Kimberly Cartier ( / @AstroKimCartier )…

6 years ago

NASA/JAXA Precipitation Measurement Satellite ‘GO’ for Feb. 27 Launch – Watch Live Here on NASA TV

Visualization of the GPM Core Observatory and Partner Satellites. GPM is slated to launch on Feb. 27 from Japan. Credit:…

10 years ago

1981 Climate Change Predictions Were Eerily Accurate

[/caption] A paper published in the journal Science in August 1981 made several projections regarding future climate change and anthropogenic…

12 years ago