Chinese Academy of Sciences

China Creates a High-Resolution Atlas of the Moon

Multiple space agencies are looking to send crewed missions to the Moon's southern polar region in this decade and the…

1 month ago

A Giant Gamma-Ray Bubble is a Source of Extreme Cosmic Rays

Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are one of the most powerful phenomena in the Universe and something that astronomers have been studying…

4 months ago

Astronomers Find a Newly-Forming Quadruple-Star System

Scientists have observed a rare quadruple star system in formation, revealing new insights into how multi-star systems form.

10 months ago

China's Mars Rover Finds Recent Evidence of Water Near the Equator

Before going into hibernation, China's Zhurong rover found evidence that water recently existed in small patches on Mars (and might…

1 year ago

China Hints at its Goals for a Lunar Base

At a recent national space conference, scientists with the Chinese Academy of Sciences shared the objectives for the planned International…

1 year ago

Astronomers use the World's Biggest Radio Telescope to map new Features of the Milky Way

Using China's FAST radio telescope, a team of Chinese researchers observed previously-unmapped regions of the Milky Way and made some…

1 year ago

The Moon had Volcanoes More Recently Than Previously Believed

Recent analysis of the samples returned by the Chang'e-5 mission reveal that volcanic activity on the Moon lasted longer than…

2 years ago

The Closeby Habitable Exoplanet Survey (CHES) Could Detect Exoplanets Within a few Dozen Light-Years of Earth Using Astrometry

A team of Chinese researchers has proposed a new mission to find Earth-like planets in neighboring star systems - the…

2 years ago

Something Really Wants our Attention. One Object Released 1,652 Fast Radio Bursts in 47 Days

Researchers working with the 500-Meter FAST telescope in China reported 1,652 fast radio bursts in 47 days coming from a…

3 years ago

Astronomers Discover Hundreds of High-Velocity Stars, Many on Their Way Out of the Milky Way

Combining data from two of the largest databases in the world, an international team of astronomers was able to doubledthe…

3 years ago