binary stars

Giant Tidal Waves are Crashing Onto the Surface of an Enormous Star

Although the surface of a star seems quite different from the ocean, the underlying effect of gravity can create similar…

1 month ago

Evidence for Modified Gravity Found in the Motions of Binary Stars

There are two leading explanations for dark matter, massive particles that don't interact with regular matter apart from gravity and…

1 month ago

A Neutron Star is Unwinding a Companion Star

Astronomers have found a bizarre binary star system where a neutron star orbits with another star. Its companion used to…

2 months ago

Each Planetary Nebula is Unique. Why Do They Look So Different?

When it comes to cosmic eye candy, planetary nebulae are at the top of the candy bowl. Like fingerprints—or maybe…

5 months ago

These Stars are Already Merging, but Their Future Will Be Catastrophic

Two stars are in the process of merging, but they will become black holes before they do.

5 months ago

Binary Dwarf Stars Found Orbiting Each Other Every 20 Hours. They Were Once Almost Touching

A team of astrophysicists has discovered a binary pair of ultra-cool dwarfs so close together that they look like a…

8 months ago

Trading Spaces: How Swapping Stars Create Hot Jupiters

Star clusters tend to host more hot Jupiters than average, but why? A team of astronomers have proposed a new…

10 months ago

Two Stars Orbiting Each Other Every 51 Minutes. This Can’t End Well

We don't have to worry too much about our Sun. It can burn our skin, and it can emit potent…

12 months ago

Binary Stars Live Complicated Lives, Especially Near the End

We know what will happen to our Sun. It'll follow the same path other stars of its ilk follow. It'll…

12 months ago

Astronomers Have a New Way to Find Exoplanets in Cataclysmic Binary Systems

Have you heard of LU Camelopardalis, QZ Serpentis, V1007 Herculis and BK Lyncis? No, they're not members of a boy…

1 year ago