Mixing Science and Art, One Painting at a Time

All her life, Laci Shea Brock has needed to be creative and inventive. So, perhaps it’s not completely surprising that…

3 months ago

The Destruction of Dark Matter isn’t Causing Extra Radiation at the Core of the Milky Way

While recent studies suggest that dark matter interactions might create gamma rays, a new study of gamma rays in our…

4 months ago

Supercomputer Simulation Shows a Supernova 300 Days After it Explodes

The answers to many questions in astronomy are hidden behind the veil of deep time. One of those questions is…

6 months ago

Detecting the Neutrinos From a Supernova That’s About to Explode

Neutrinos are puzzling things. They're tiny particles, almost massless, with no electrical charge. They're notoriously difficult to detect, too, and…

6 months ago

Neutron Stars Could Have a Layer of Exotic Quark Matter Inside Them

Deep inside a neutron star, neutrons are packed so tightly that they can break apart into quarks. As a result…

7 months ago

Astronomers Watch a Nova Go From Start to Finish for the First Time

A nova is a dramatic episode in the life of a binary pair of stars. It's an explosion of bright…

9 months ago

The Lowest Mass Black Hole has Been Found, only 3.3 Times the Mass of the Sun

A team of astronomers recently discovered the smallest black hole to date, which indicates that there may be far more…

1 year ago

SOFIA Follows the Sulfur for Clues on Stellar Evolution

A high-flying space telescope is shedding light on where some of the basic building blocks for life may have originated…

2 years ago

GW170817 Update: Surprises From First Gravitational Wave Observed Independently

“This is quite literally a physics gold mine!” said Masao Sako, with the University of Pennsylvania. For over a week…

3 years ago

Rise Of The Super Telescopes: The Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope

When the WFIRST observatory comes online in the mid 2020s, it will take images 100 times larger than the Hubble.

4 years ago