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The Lowest Mass Black Hole has Been Found, only 3.3 Times the Mass of the Sun

A team of astronomers recently discovered the smallest black hole to date, which indicates that there may be far more…

5 months ago

SOFIA Follows the Sulfur for Clues on Stellar Evolution

A high-flying space telescope is shedding light on where some of the basic building blocks for life may have originated…

1 year ago

GW170817 Update: Surprises From First Gravitational Wave Observed Independently

“This is quite literally a physics gold mine!” said Masao Sako, with the University of Pennsylvania. For over a week…

2 years ago

Rise Of The Super Telescopes: The Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope

When the WFIRST observatory comes online in the mid 2020s, it will take images 100 times larger than the Hubble.

3 years ago

Either Stars are Strange, or There Are 234 Aliens Trying to Contact Us

Astronomers have found 234 stars that are acting suspiciously like signals sent by extra-terrestrials.

3 years ago

New ‘Einstein Ring’ Discovered By Dark Energy Camera

A rare object called an Einstein Ring has been discovered by a team in the Stellar Populations group at the…

4 years ago

Next Time You’re Late To Work, Blame Dark Energy!

A team of Armenian researchers has proposed a new answer to why time only moves in one-direction: it's all because…

4 years ago

James Webb Space Telescope Takes The Gloves Off

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) isn't even operational yet, and already its gleaming golden mirror has reached iconic status.…

4 years ago

An Old Glass Plate Hints at a Potential New Exoplanet Discovery

How astronomers found an potentially new and exciting exoplanetary system lurking on a glass plate stored away for nearly a…

4 years ago

The Laws Of Cosmology May Need A Re-Write

A more accurate measurement of standard candles has thrown a wrench into our standard model of cosmology.

4 years ago