Andromeda Galaxy

A Dark Matter map of our Local Cosmic Neighborhood

A new simulation by a team of astrophysicists has resulted in the most detailed 3D map of the cosmic web,…

1 year ago

Hubble Shows the True Size of Andromeda

It's possible that you've seen the Andromeda galaxy (M31) without even realizing it. The massive spiral galaxy appears as a…

2 years ago

Now We Know That Dark Matter Isn’t Primordial Black Holes

A new study by an international team of scientists has tested Hawking's theory of dark matter, and ruled out that…

3 years ago

This is What It’ll Look Like When the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies Collide Billions of Years from Now

What happens when two galaxies collide? The Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy are on a collision course, and in…

3 years ago

Has a New Dwarf Galaxy Been Found Hiding Behind Andromeda?

Thanks to the work of an amateur astronomer, an international team of scientists recently confirmed the existence of a previously-unknown…

4 years ago

Andromeda Shredded and Consumed a Massive Galaxy About Two Billion Years Ago

According to a new study by a team from the University of Michigan, Andromeda survived a merger with a massive…

4 years ago

It Turns Out, Andromeda is Younger Than Earth… Sort Of

According to a recent study by a French-Chinese collaboration, the Andromeda galaxy (as we know it) is younger than we…

4 years ago

Gaia Looks Beyond our Galaxy to Other Islands of Stars

The latest scientific finds made from the first release of Gaia data include illuminating images of the Milky Way galaxy's…

5 years ago

Messier 33 – The Triangulum Galaxy

Located in the Triangulum constellation, about 3 million light-years from Earth, is the Triangulum Galaxy (aka. Messier 33).

6 years ago

Messier 32 – the “Le Gentil” Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy

Located in the direction of the Andromeda Constellation is the dwarf elliptical galaxy known as "Le Gentil" (or Messier 32),…

6 years ago