2017 eclipse

Ancient Annular: Dating Joshua’s Eclipse

Astronomy turns up in fascinating junctures in history. Besides just the romantic angle, we can actually pin down some contextual…

7 years ago

One Year to the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

There's just one year left to prepare for the return of totality to the United States of August 21st, 2017!

7 years ago

A Thousand Days ‘Til Totality: Anticipating the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Where will YOU be on August 21st, 2017? Astronomy is all about humility and thinking big in terms of space…

9 years ago

Remembering the “World War I Eclipse”

The paths of total solar eclipses care not for political borders or conflicts, often crossing over war-torn lands. Such was…

9 years ago

Our Guide to the Bizarre April 29th Solar Eclipse

Will anyone see next week’s solar eclipse? On April 29th, an annular solar eclipse occurs over a small D-shaped 500…

10 years ago