A Family Of Stars Torn Apart

The Hubble has looked inside the Orion Nebula to witness a family of stars breaking up.

4 years ago

NASA Studies Whether to Add Crew to 1st SLS Megarocket Moon Launch in 2019

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - At the request of the new Trump Administration, NASA has initiated a month long study…

4 years ago

NASA To Study Launching Astronauts on 1st SLS/Orion Flight

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - In a potentially major change in direction for NASA’s human spaceflight architecture, the agency is…

4 years ago

Tears of the Hunter: Our Guide to the 2016 Orionid Meteor Shower

The month of October is upon us this weekend, and with it, one of the better meteor showers is active:…

4 years ago

NASA Completes Awesome Test Firing of World’s Most Powerful Booster for Human Mission to Mars – Gallery

The world’s most powerful booster that will one day propel NASA astronauts on exciting missions of exploration to deep space…

4 years ago

NASA’s Orion EM-1 Crew Module Passes Critical Pressure Tests

The next Orion crew module in line to launch to space on NASA’s Exploration Mission 1 (EM-1) has passed a…

4 years ago

Kennedy’s Modernized Spaceport Passes Key Review Supporting SLS/Orion Launches

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - Modernization of NASA’s launch infrastructure facilities at the Kennedy Space Center supporting the new SLS/Orion…

4 years ago

Obama Administration Proposes Smaller 2017 NASA Budget of $19 Billion with Big Exploration Cuts

The Obama Administration has announced its new Federal budget and is proposing to cut NASA’s Fiscal Year 2017 Budget to…

5 years ago