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An Extremely Large Hole has Been Dug for the Extremely Large Telescope

The ESO has broken ground on the Extremely Large Telescope, which will be the world's largest and most-advanced telescope once…

2 years ago

New Video Shows Construction Beginning on the World’s Largest Telescope

A new video released by the ESO illustrates the construction of the Extremely Large Telescope, which will be the world's…

2 years ago

This Beautiful Photo of Galaxy NGC 3981 was Taken by the Most Powerful Telescope in the World for no Scientific Reason at all. Just Because it’s Pretty

When the ESO's Very Large Telescope can't pursue its science objectives, it spends its time capturing stunning image of fascinating…

2 years ago

Telescope Pierces into One of the Biggest Nebulae in the Milky Way to Reveal its Newly Forming (and Nearly Dying) Stars

A recent survey conducted using the ESO's VISTA telescope revealed newly-formed stars and stars nearing their death in the Carina…

2 years ago

Einstein Was Right… Again! Successful Test of General Relativity Near a Supermassive Black Hole

For the first time in history, Einstein's theory of General Relativity was confirmed by observing a star orbiting the supermassive…

2 years ago

Look at This Fascinating Variety of Planet-Forming Disks Around Other Stars

New images from the European Southern Observatory show the stunning variety of discs of gas and dust that surround young…

2 years ago

Astronomers use a Galaxy Cluster as an Extremely Powerful “Natural Telescope” to Peer Even Farther into the Universe

An international team of astronomers recently discovered a fainter, older galaxy using the most extreme case of the gravitational microlensing…

2 years ago

This is the Surface of a Giant Star, 350 Times Larger Than the Sun

Using the ESO's Very Large Telescope Interferometer, an international team of astronomers has created the first detailed images of another…

2 years ago

A Black Hole is Pushing the Stars Around in this Globular Cluster

An international team of astronomers recently made the first-ever observation of a black hole in a nearby globular cluster

2 years ago

A New Survey Takes the Hubble Deep Field to the Next Level, Analyzing Distance and Properties of 1,600 Galaxies

A new survey using the ESO's Very Large Telescope found 72 never-before-seen galaxies in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field data.

3 years ago