Asteroid Belt

What? Wow! That New Asteroid Image from Lucy Just Got Even More Interesting

Lucy's images of asteroid Dinkinesh are the gift that keeps on giving. First, it was the discovery of a smaller…

6 months ago

NASA's Psyche Mission is off to Asteroid Psyche

NASA's Psyche mission just launched on a six year journey to explore a metal world in the Asteroid Belt.

7 months ago

JWST Finds a Comet Still Holding Onto Water in the Main Asteroid Belt

Comets are instantly recognizable by their tails of gas and dust. Most comets originate in the far, frozen reaches of…

1 year ago

Webb Examined an Asteroid Belt and Found More Than it Bargained For

One of the things astronomers would love to see is planets forming around other stars. That would help us understand…

1 year ago

Astronomers Find a Group of Water-rich Asteroids

If you've ever been at sea or visited a seacoast, you probably looked out at the vast expanse of ocean…

1 year ago

NASA’s Psyche Mission is Back on. It’ll Launch Towards its Metal Asteroid Target Later This Year

NASA’s Psyche mission is back on track for launch and is now scheduled for a potential October 2023 launch date,…

1 year ago

Could We Use Mars as a Base for Asteroid Mining?

The earliest mention of asteroid mining might be in a story from 1898 titled "Edison's Conquest of Mars," by Garrett…

2 years ago

This is What the Metal Asteroid Psyche Might Look Like

If you wanted to do a forensic study of the Solar System, you might head for the main asteroid belt…

2 years ago

Ceres Probably Formed Farther out in the Solar System and Migrated Inward

When Sicilian astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi spotted Ceres in 1801, he thought it was a planet. Astronomers didn't know about asteroids…

2 years ago

The Building Blocks of Earth Could Have Come From Farther out in the Solar System

Earth formed over 4.5 billion years ago via accretion. Earth's building blocks were chunks of rock of varying sizes. From…

2 years ago