Follow a Simulated Journey of the Destruction of ESA’s Aeolus Mission

On July 28th, the European Space Agency commanded its long-working Aeolus wind profile mission to re-enter Earth's atmosphere. It did…

9 months ago

Tether a Sunshade to an Asteroid to Slow Down Climate Change

It probably comes as no surprise to people suffering through drastic weather this year that our planet is heating up.…

9 months ago

Forest Fires in British Columbia are Bad This Year. THIRTY Times Worse Than Average

Wildfires in British Columbia and Canada, driven by Climate Change, established new records this year.

9 months ago

Mind-Blowing Animation Shows What the World Would Look Like If You Could See Carbon Dioxide Emissions

It's a strange, eerie-looking place. Carbon dioxide gas appears… and disappears in cycles and bursts throughout the year. It's how…

10 months ago

Without Ozone, the Earth Might Get a Lot Colder

The evolution of Earth's climate contains many components. And new research has shown just how critical the ozone layer is…

10 months ago

Geoengineering is Shockingly Inexpensive

Despite decades of warnings and international climate agreements, global carbon emissions are still rising. Carbon emissions seem like an unstoppable…

11 months ago

Phew, California’s Largest Reservoir is Nearly Full

California residents will be glad to know their reservoirs are nearly full again after years of drought. New satellite photos…

11 months ago

European Satellite Measures Exactly How Much Ice Has Been Lost from Glaciers

As global warming heats up our atmosphere a degree at a time, the world's glaciers are paying the price. In…

12 months ago

Not Snowball Earth, More of a Slushball Earth

Our planet hasn't always been the warm, inviting place we know today. At least five times in its history, Earth…

1 year ago

Global Sea Levels Rose by 0.27 cm from 2021 to 2022

It probably comes as no surprise to people living in low-lying coastal regions, but sea waters are rising by large,…

1 year ago