Lovely Image from Space: Earth, Moon and Approaching Spacecraft

Earth, Moon and Soyuz. Credit: NASA/Kevin Ford.

This one might have to be added to the group of iconic images from space. On December 21, a Soyuz spacecraft carrying new crewmembers approached the International Space Station. Commander Kevin Ford, already on the ISS, took this image showing the Moon above, bright blue Earth below and the Soyuz coming into view. “Science fiction into fact,” said Canadian Chris Hadfield, who was on board the Soyuz, along with Roman Romanenko and Tom Marshburn.

By the way, if you aren’t following Chris Hadfield on Twitter or Facebook, you really should. He’s posting several images and lots of updates daily of what his life is like on board the space station. You can read about his training in our series of articles about it, and we plan to keep following Hadfield’s mission and will be writing more about his expedition in 2013.

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