Video: Happy New Year from the Space Station Crew

The six Expedition 34 crew members aboard the International Space Station will be watching from above as people around the world ring in the new year. Commander Kevin Ford and Flight Engineers Chris Hadfield and Tom Marshburn sent this video greeting for their best wishes for a happy 2013. Because the ISS travels around the Earth every hour and a half, the crew will have ample opportunity to celebrate the arrival of 2013 all day long.

“It’s New Years, so we’re waving at the whole world, and looking hard for fireworks as the clocks sequence through 12:00,” Hadfield Tweeted earlier today.

Below you can see a video from NASA TV, looking back at events at NASA in 2012:

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  1. Reminds… Happy New YEAR! to the crew at Universe Today! and everybody else! May the new year prove bountiful, full of peace, love and understanding for all! And so it is! 2013!

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