Curiosity Rover Report: At Grandma’s House

MSL team member Colette Lohr, the Tactical Uplink Lead, provides the latest video update on the Curiosity rover. The rover is at a location fittingly dubbed “Grandma’s House” during the holidays, and there should be many more adventures during 2013.

Curiosity Scans ‘Yellowknife Bay’ on Sol 130. NASA’s Curiosity rover celebrated her 1st Christmas on the Red Planet at ‘Yellowknife Bay’ and is searching for her 1st rock target to drill into for a sample to analyze. She snapped this panoramic view on Dec. 17 which was stitched together from navigation camera (Navcam) images. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Ken Kremer/Marco Di Lorenzo

2 Replies to “Curiosity Rover Report: At Grandma’s House”

  1. …and my Report # 0001:

    Two weeks ago I dreamed that this Mars Rover had
    dreamed that it had found a (fossilized) bone, and that the bone had an
    inscription on it that said: “A curse on anyone that digs up this weapon
    that crushed 27 skulls.” Then the
    Rover started to shake and roll towards a cliff and it rolled off the edge.

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