Is This Icy “Mega” Meteorite Really From Outer Space?

Earlier today, Euronews reported an icy “mega meteorite” fall in a farmer’s field in the Hrira region of Morocco. The farmer found the chunk of supposed space ice and put it in his freezer for later investigation by scientists, who apparently confirmed that it is in fact from space.

But… really?

I’m not sure what establishes a meteorite to be “mega” but this is what it’s being called. Personally I’d think that a really mega meteorite would leave a much larger crater than half a meter across and wouldn’t be made of ice, but that’s just this author’s opinion.

In addition, the meteorite reporting site has posted the story with a “fact or fiction” heading, and includes original news video with additional footage, which shows footage of the “crater” (that seems very un-crater-like) as well as statements from the researchers.

According to Google Translate, expert Dr. Abdul Rahman Said Abhi denies that the chunk of ice is extraterrestrial in origin, and instead was formed in the atmosphere.

Called “megacryometeors”, these ice balls can grow quite large and fall from seemingly clear skies. But don’t let the name fool you — they are most decidedly Earthly. Basically they are just super-sized hailstones (and can sometimes even come from aircraft!)

So remember — just because something falls from the sky doesn’t make it a meteorite… much less a “mega” one.

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  1. Would that it WERE a meteorite fragment… then it would be a REAL bummer it was handled without sterile gloves or otherwise isolated and was therefore contaminated. It looks instead like simple piece ice anyway… Jet POO!

  2. Indeed. On the Moroccan Tv footage, the university professor stressed that such 25kg ice balls falling from the sky was a rare incident, that it wasn’t a meteorite, and that there was no law governing its ownership. The Pr. in the article had a couple more precisions about megacryometeors. For once our journalists weren’t the ones to make fools of themselves 🙂

  3. It looks like PBS’ NOVA science show has a new topic to be funded by David Koch to avoid AGW.

    1. When there have been dairy farms in Greenland for 250 years, and 500 years of uninterrupted wine grape cultivation in Scotland, let me know (the planet would have finally warmed up to what it was one to two thousand years ago).

  4. Obviously Santa dumped a present from his sled. One less mystery why he manages to visit so many: inboard facilities.

    [Even considering loose soil and the need for digging, I think the presumed crater was “embellished”. Perhaps they were honest about the ices’ origins, but were afraid they wouldn’t be taken seriously.]

  5. “Mega” is most likely used as most meteors (smaller ones) disintegrate upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere. This one was big enough to survive.

  6. Even stony, and metallic meteorites usually vaporize on descent through the atmosphere, and fail to make it to the ground, unless they are very large. I find it hard to believe that a chunk of ice would survive a plunge to the surface. I agree that this item is almost certainly terrestrial in origin.

  7. The root word meteor comes from the Greek mete?ros,meaning “high in the air”. Ergo ‘meteorite’ is correct, although an uncommon usage of the term.

  8. Is it even possible for a meteorite made of ice to survive reentry? Or I guess that would just be entry in this case?

    Anyway that thing was what about 2 feet (2/3 of a meter) in diameter roughly? How big would it have to have been in the beginning given the most favorable approach angle and velocity entering the atmosphere? (Also assuming it is made up entirely of water ice.)


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