Astrophoto: Jupiter and Venus over São Paulo

A great reason to get up early these days is the pre-dawn show now available from Venus and Jupiter. The two brightest planets in the night sky are paired together in the eastern sky, and Ednilson Oliveira from São Paulo, Brazil got up early this morning, July 6, 2012, to take this gorgeous shot of the planetary duo in the constellation Taurus, hovering over the city.

His specs: Nikon D3100, 18 mm, F/6.3 – Texp = 3 s – ISO 3200.


For more information about seeing Venus and Jupiter in the early morning skies, watch the video below from Science@NASA:

If you don’t watch the video in its entirety, one thing of note: Venus and the bright star Aldebaran will be right next to each other on the morning of July 9 — which will be a great sight.

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Image caption: Jupiter and Venus in the constellation Taurus in the city of Sao Paulo. Credit: Ednilson Oliveira

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  1. I see that in the mornings. Is that one of Jupiters moons too? Or is it just another bright star?

    1. Jupiter is ’embedded’ in the Hyades cluster – the brighest one is Aldebaran.

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