Awesome Videos: Cheer Along with SpaceX Employees

If these videos don’t get your heart pumping or your eyes misting, I don’t know what will. Let’s all cheer along with SpaceX on their incredible accomplishment today! As has been said on Twitter, these are the people who really powered today’s launch.

More below:

When Dragon’s solar arrays deployed:

More cheering, (either when Dragon made it to orbit or at solar array deploy):

Cheering for Elon Musk:

5 Replies to “Awesome Videos: Cheer Along with SpaceX Employees”

  1. Space Exploration and Youth, wearing jeans and t-shirts, a welcome relief from the white shirts and stiff upper lips, NASA love ya with all my heart. Do the science and probes, “We” will do the human aspect. Elon say’s he will step on Mars, We believe it.

  2. Big ol Gator tears of joy from this Florida boy/native – now in N. California. So SWEET! This is one of the moments we will remember exactly where we were!

    THEN, the Falcon Heavy sure looks awesome! WOW! Such power! AND there is the possible four booster configuration! Think about that lift capacity! Putt-putt! indeed!

    Both CA and FL will benefit hugely/big time from this! Cool beans at a BBQ! and it’s about time! Come on! Come on! Come on! Let’s GO!

    Did you notice the age bracket of the employee’s? They all looked young…. seed stock?

  3. These are “employees”. They are all “students” or at least look young like students.
    Amazing so many young people working on a project like the Dragon, so many talented youth employed.
    Unfortunately though for majority of Aerospace Engineers like myself, the job market is almost non existent, especially here in Europe.
    I wish I had their job.

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