Watch Jupiter as a ‘Space Invader’

Article written: 18 May , 2012
Updated: 7 Jan , 2016

This great video created from images taken by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) on May 13 and 14 show Jupiter as it comes close to the Sun (from our vantage point) in a solar conjunction. But what it really looks like is the old “Space Invaders” video game, with Jupiter marching across the screen. There’s even a couple of sungrazing comets “pewpew-ing” in like the laser cannon shots in the game, and a coronal mass ejection completes the scene as an explosion (which is actually more like “Asteroids.”) For more fun, the team who created this video at the Naval Research Laboratory’s Sungrazing Comets website takes the time to show all the different objects in the scene, which amazingly includes Callisto and Ganymede, two of Jupiter’s moons. All it needs is the funky video game background music.

H/T to Emily Lakdawalla and @Sungrazercomets

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  2. danangel says

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  3. Member
    Edward Roberts says

    What exactly produces the horizontal lines on the picture? Rings? Artifacts? Why do they get so much smaller as the image of Jupiter passes closer to the sun?

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