A Call to Action: We Must Explore

Our friend Andrew Chaikin is passionate about space exploration and like many, is concerned about the budget cuts that threaten to starve NASA’s planetary science program. He has created this new video as a call to action for those of us in the US to contact our representatives, and anyone around the world to make a statement of how important exploration is to humanity. “I’m fighting back with passion,” Andy says, “Passion for the incredible adventure that began half a century ago and has given us countless wonders and amazing discoveries…Please share it with your friends and family. And tell Washington, ‘We Must Explore!'”

For more information, head to The Planetary Society’s beautiful new website to find out how you can get involved in being an advocate for space exploration. by going to:

8 Replies to “A Call to Action: We Must Explore”

  1. In my humble opinion, the Private Sector should get more encouragement and co-operation from government agencies for a simultaneous exploration of Space.
    That is, after all, where all the techs end up, thanks to continuous budget cuts.

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  3. The profit from space exploration is too far off for the private sector to be interested. Columbus and Magellan and Cook were supported by governments, not by the private sector.

    1. I think you’ve missed some important and relevant news items from just the past couple of weeks.
      The private sector is ALREADY interested!
      Google: Space X.
      Google: James Cameron asteroid mining.
      Google: Google asteroid mining.

      Even in the days of yore, exploration didn’t explode until there was vision and profit.
      I think that we’re at the dawn of more “science fiction becoming reality”.

      1. “The private sector is ALREADY interested!”??? It’s taken fifty years of fulfilling government contracts for the private sector to become “interested” (which, by the way, is exactly what SpaceX will still be doing when they make their first launch to the ISS). And the private sector will still wait for government craft to identify an easily exploitable asteroid, only then will there be wild private investment.

  4. I have thoroughly enjoyed the discoveries made with robotic missions and all of them made during the same time I have been alive….
    Until the time where we can put a man on mars, the robot missions are a great investment.
    So many wonderful discoveries, and the exoplanet discoveries have been awesome as well..

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