Stunning Astrophoto: Auroral Explosion of Color


This gorgeous and unusual aurora display was captured by Brendan Alexander from the North Coast of Donegal, Ireland. “We were treated to an absolutely stunning aurora display on the morning of the 24th of April 2012,” Brendan wrote on our Flickr page. “Easily the best I have seen in my eventful four years of sky watching. The display started off strong at nightfall (22:00 UT) with intense and almost static rays. However shortly after magnetic midnight the aurora came to life, complete with waving curtains, shimmering rays, vivid colours and pulsating heart. A spellbinding and enrolling time was endured from dusk to dawn. A Stunning display to remember during the bright summer months ahead.”

Brendan used a Canon 1000D camera with a Sigma 20mm F1.8 lens. Exposure: 8 – 11 sec ISO 1600

See more on Brendan’s Flickr page, Donegal Skies

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