Video from the April 29th Virtual Star Party

Whenever we do a Virtual Star Party, it’s hit or miss thanks to weather and technology. But last night, all the pieces came together perfectly. We had Stuart Forman on the West Coast delivering amazing video of the Moon, despite a thickening marine layer. Mike Phillips tested out his brand new color webcam and provided the best view of Saturn we’ve ever had (even after dropping a camera on the pavement in the darkness). Peter Lake remotely controlled his awesome robotic New Mexico telescope safely from his secret lair in Australia. Gary Gonella showcased his amazing telescope, revealing subtle details in the Monkey Head and Crab Nebulae. Chris Ridgway and Mark Behrendt were rained out, but joined anyway and shared some recent photos they’d taken.

We’re always looking for more astronomers to join in and help cover the night sky. If you think you can participate, please drop me an email and let me know.