A Weekend Sky Show: Moon, Venus and Jupiter


As promised by Nancy in a previous article on Universe Today, Venus was visible during the daylight hours this Saturday, very close to the crescent Moon. If you had clear weather you may have been able to catch a glimpse of the scene above, photographed from my location in north Texas at 6:35 p.m. local time.

Dim but visible, Venus is the “star” at lower left.

Later that same evening the show really went into full force as the Moon was illuminated by Earthshine in the western sky, with Venus ablaze and Jupiter making a bright appearance as well!

Nancy wrote on Feb. 24: If you don’t see Venus during the day, try to see Venus immediately at sunset; and right now, the Moon, Venus and Jupiter are lining up for triple conjunction at dusk, and with clear skies, it will be a great view that is almost impossible to miss!

A great view indeed! I grabbed a quick shot with my iPhone camera of the conjunction, and took the opportunity to point out the view to some neighbors as well.

Conjunction of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter on Feb. 25, 2012. (Jason Major)

One of the more dramatic planetary conjunctions I’ve seen, especially with the light from a fading sunset illuminating the stage.

Sometimes the best astronomy is the type you can see with your own eyes… and be able to easily share with others!

ADDED 2/26: Sunday evening brought some great views as well! Here’s a photo from around 6:45 pm on Feb. 26th:

Jupiter, the Moon and Venus on Feb. 26, 2012. © Jason Major


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  2. Sunday (26th) the moon and Jupiter were side by side, setting below the horizon together. Is Venus going to line up as well? It was my understanding that Jupiter and the moon were in conjunction on the 26th, and a triple conjunction would have Venus setting at the same time with the other two. Am I being too exacting, thinking a conjunction happens only when they rise and set together?

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