Bringing You There: Atlas V with Curiosity Rover Thunders to Mars

This past Saturday, an Atlas V carrying NASA’s MSL Curiosity Mars rover thundered off the launch pad on the way to Mars. Ever wondered what the rocket launch is like from the roof of the massive VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center? Videographer David Gonzales shot the launch for Universe Today using 3 different high definition cameras and recorded audio using a high definition audio device.

During ignition you can see white steam stream out the flame trench followed by the darker exhaust as the Solid Rocket Boosters come to life. The Atlas V lifts off on a pillar of bright orange fire leaving behind a white trail of smoke and an artificial cloud of condensed water droplets. Man-made thunder fills the air as Curiosity takes the first step on the journey to Mars.

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  1. cool video!

    Sidenote: the little ‘recommended for you’ thing that pops up at the bottom of the screen should really take news/current events items out of the rotation after a little while. I keep getting things like “Space Station Cooling System Shuts Down!” which is more than a year old…

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