Hoping to See Asteroid 2005 YU55? There’s an App for That!

Article written: 7 Nov , 2011
Updated: 14 Jan , 2016

Starmap is an astronomy/planetarium app for the iPhone and iPad. A companion app, called Spacemap is an extended orrery that lets you view the phases, motions, and positions of items in the Universe all from your iPad. If you’re hoping to track down Asteroid 2005 YU55 as it comes close to Earth on Nov. 8, you might want to check out both Starmap and Starmap. You can see this asteroid in both apps, but Spacemap is the only application available in the iTunes store that displays 2005 YU55’s orbit in 3D animation.

UPDATE: The contest is now closed and the winners have been notified.

Want to win a copy of either Starmap or Spacemap? Universe Today has a two copies of each to give away to the first four readers to answer this question correctly: What year was the last time an asteroid as big as 2005 YU55 passed by Earth?

Answer in the comment section, and indicate which app you’d like. We have two of each to give away. First four commenters to answer correctly wins. Make sure your contact info on Disqus is correct, as that is you’ll be contacted.

If you’re not a winner, you might want to check out Starmap and Spacemap, as they are now 50% off, for a limited time. Starmap Pro 2.3.2 in iTunes, and Spacemap 1.1 in iTunes.

Starmap creator Frederic Descamps is a professional astronomer.

15 Responses

  1. Stacy Mergenthaler says

    1976 – spacemap

  2. Rajith Alwis says

    1976 – spacemap

  3. Morgan says

    1976 – spacemap

  4. Anonymous says

    1976 – Spacemap

  5. Anonymous says

    1976 – spacemap

  6. buddy says

    thats a nice simulation but there is a much better one thats available on steam called Universe sandbox. i hope you get a chance to check it out nancy if you read this and anyone else who loves planetry physics engines. or even check it out on youtube.

  7. Anonymous says

    We’ve never known in advance of anything this large passing this close. -Spacemap

  8. Martin Shepherd says

    What year was the last time an asteroid as big as 2005 YU55 passed by Earth (that we knew about)?

    I think it’s 1976 and I’d like a copy of Spacemap. Thanks UT!

  9. Anonymous says

    1976 space map please

  10. richard companjen says

    2004 MN4 iphone

  11. richard companjen says

    2004 MN4

  12. Anonymous says


  13. Anonymous says

    Last time an asteroid came this close was YU55 itself in 2005 , spacemap

  14. sus ger says

    the closest was in 1976

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