No Alien Visits or UFO Coverups, White House Says


The White House has responded to two petitions asking the US government to formally acknowledge that aliens have visited Earth and to disclose to any intentional withholding of government interactions with extraterrestrial beings. “The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race,” said Phil Larson from the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy, on the website. “In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.”

5,387 people had signed the petition for immediately disclosing the government’s knowledge of and communications with extraterrestrial beings, and 12,078 signed the request for a formal acknowledgement from the White House that extraterrestrials have been engaging the human race.

“Hundreds of military and government agency witnesses have come forward with testimony confirming this extraterrestrial presence,” the second petition states. “Opinion polls now indicate more than 50% of the American people believe there is an extraterrestrial presence and more than 80% believe the government is not telling the truth about this phenomenon. The people have a right to know. The people can handle the truth.”

These petitions come from an Obama Administration initiative called ‘We the People’ which has White House staffers respond and consider taking action on any issue that receives at least 25,000 online signatures. Regarding these two petitions, the White House promised to respond if the petitions got 17,000 or more signatures by Oct. 22.

Larson stressed that the facts show that there is no credible evidence of extraterrestrial presence here on Earth. He pointed out that even though many scientists have come to the conclusion that the odds of life somewhere else in the Universe are fairly high, the chance that any of them are making contact with humans are extremely small, given the distances involved.

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t searching, there is just no evidence yet. Larson mentioned SETI (correctly noting that this at first was a NASA effort, but is now funded privately) keeping an “ear” out for signals from any intelligent extraterrestrials, with none found so far. He also added that the Kepler spacecraft is searching for Earth-like planets in the habitable zones around other stars, and that the Curiosity rover will launch to Mars this month to “assess what the Martian environment was like in the past to see if it could have harbored life.”

Regarding any evidence for alien life, all anyone has now is “statistics and speculation,” said Larson. “The fact is we have no credible evidence of extraterrestrial presence here on Earth.”

Whether or not this will appease or satisfy any conspiracy theorists or UFO believers is yet to be seen, but it is gratifying to see the White House respond in such a no-nonsense manner.

UPDATE: The Paradigm Research Group, one of the organizations sponsoring the petitions, has issued a statement saying, “As expected it was written by a low level staffer from the Office of Science and Technology Policy – research assistant Phil Larson. The response was unacceptable.”

See the petitions and the response at the website.

Hat Tip: NASA Watch

206 Replies to “No Alien Visits or UFO Coverups, White House Says”

    1. Do people really have that little faith in humanity to think we cannot possibly have done the things we have on our own? Tell that to the 450,000 people who worked on the Apollo missions in the 60s.

      1. After some years of believing in ‘UFOs’. I concluded that a UFO, an unidentified ‘flying’ object, was just that… unidentified.

        There was too some doubt in my mind that many of the reported objects were also ‘flying’; and not just natural objects bouncing off Earth’s atmosphere or ‘objects’ above terrestrial areas of leaking gases.

        What of alien technology?

        The great UFO misconception began decades ago with a sighting of objects that moved through the air as if a disc would if you skipped it across water.

        On this early sighting, the term flying saucers was then penned by a reporter. This then defined the shape of circular objects since that date and the UFO myth, for that’s all it is, was born – or should that be created? (These objects, sighted by amateur pilot Kenneth Arnold, were later found to be stealth bombers on an early test run – and UFO shapes should really be triangular not round. After all, how many round birds do you see?)

        During the closure of the Second World War, and following it in the Cold War years of the superpowers, scientists were actually encouraged to foster the illusion that objects viewed in the sky, crashed ‘discs’, were of extra-terrestrial origin. (Files now suggest to some that they were experimental radar devices, etc.) The FBI would not have been aware of such a deception – why would it? – this was during the Cold War and on a ‘need to know’ basis.

        In a nutshell: the great UFO coverup allowed America to create its technologies via ‘dark ops’ and steal a march on its competitors. The shameful and disappointing truthis that many people now believe in the UFO myth, and by cherry-picking quotes that bolster this belief they reveal a contempt fo science that is shocking.

        That said, if an alien species had managed to create the technology to travel here, even from the nearest star system Alpha Centauri (believed presently to be a three-star system) then the technologies and power needed would be so far in advance of ours that there would be no requirement for a coverup. Any world powere that sett about such a deceptiion would be crushed ant-like under the reality of alien boots – on the gorund.

      2. But how do you explain the large numbers of documented (globally) military closer encounters where jets are scrambled and then follow the vehicles as best they can until finally they just cannot keep up withe their speeds and manoeverability?.

      3. I don’t know where (if anywhere) you get your facts.

        Kenneth Arnold was not an “amateur pilot”, he was an experienced search and rescue pilot with more than 9,000 total flying hours.

        The crafts he (allegedly) saw were never identified. The air force later claimed that he saw a mirage.

      4. I just can’t believe how so many people in this 21st Century still have their heads firmly stuck in the sand! Alien visitation is without doubt a REALITY. Get used to it! That is my considered conclusion after more than 50 years of careful study. For starters, any doubters please sit down and watch the Disclosure Project video. Search on Google. See a large group of Intelligence community and military people relating their incredible experiences to the National Press Club in Washington. You won’t fail to notice how genuine these men and women are.

        I suggest skeptics take the time and effort to do some research on the astronomical number of amazing reports over the past 60 or 70 years. Listen to what military people, pilots, police and many retired American and Russian astronauts have to say. And PLEASE, listen with an open mind. There are still 100’s of reports from around the world every week. Earlier this year, I was fortunate to witness with others two bright orange oval shape lights as they sped across the night sky as fast as a jet fighter in absolute silence. The visitation continues.

      5. [sarcasm]

      6. Heck, some people are convinced that things like the Pyramids and Stonehenge ‘could not have been done by humans…’

        Such people seriously underestimate how clever their own species can be.

      1. Well tomorrow night there will be millions out watching for a UFO since we really don’t know exictly what the composition of the asteroid passing, “IF”? the earth is made of so the delusional is who? the Ufologists or the religoligest?

  1. This is a break through moment. Let’s not dismiss this Whitehouse response. Only 3 years ago (pre-Kepler Mission) we had no idea if exoplanets were common or extremely rare. Look at the change in our knowledge and consciousness. Young Mr. Larson forgets to mention that NASA is now close to confirming life in our own solar system: on Mars, and even on Europa, the large moon of Jupiter. He also fails to mention that Scientists now believe that life can survive inter-planetary “travel” by surviving on meteorites. The recent discovery of a disk of water around a newly forming star, helps us understand why water is likely common in newly emerging solar systems. It is now considered highly likely that Mars had a long period of “earth-like” conditions.
    As for the reality of “flying disks” whether they are our own military or from other non-human sources, the announcement sounds like we are getting close to some real “disclosures”.

    Material from France, the UK and Mexico is more than interesting. It promises to be a rapidly evolving time of disclosure which this Whitehouse missive helps us prepare.

    The history of such evidence can be well appreciated by this site :

    1. Finding other planets does not automatically mean that UFO’s are aliens visiting us.
      UFO’s are UFO’s until we discover what they really were, and so far that does not mean that they are little green men.

      1. Olaf2. Please read my comment above. You will be surprised what is going on when you look outside the Govt.s highly controlled box.

    2. Exoplanets are common — yes, but completely irrelevant to the petition.

      NASA close to confirming life — no, not for a long, long time yet, if ever. We don’t yet have any credible evidence that life exists elsewhere in the Solar System. Not Mars, not Europa, and not Enceladus. All we have is evidence of water, and possibly liquid water in these places, which increases the chances that life might exist there, but that is a completely different kettle of fish.

      As for the rest — all of it is unsubstantiated nonsense from people who are either out for their 15 minutes of fame or to make a fast buck from overly-credulous people.

      The government — no government — is close to any “real disclosures”. There is nothing for them to disclose, there never has been, not in terms of aliens and UFOs anyway.

      1. “The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race,” said Phil Larson from the White House Office of Science & Technology” : however this does not represent the reality on November 2011.

        1) Evidence of Life?
        In fact there is a growing catalog of evidence of life :

        a) the MARS meteorite – ref ETA 79001 ogranic matter found in vein of water deposited minerals at centre of meteorite
        b) one of the three experiments conducted by Viking Lander 1 in 1976

        2) Evidence that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race? :

        See Corso’s deathbed affidavit : This is valid evidence in a US court of law.

        3) Why did I use Exoplanets to introduce my point that the White House’s evolving position is important?

        The point of mentioning Exoplants is to illustrate the rapid evolving knowledge around the existence of planets that might support life as we know it. In the past 3 years we have also come to accept the high probability of extremophiles – life which evolves around other energy sources (as under the ground or deep under the ocean).


      2. 1) Mars meteorite & Viking lander experiment — both highly disputed claims that many scientists would argue have more prosaic explanations. I would love them to be true, but at this point, they are scant evidence for any extant life on the surface of Mars.

        2) Corso was a fabulist. His claims that all kinds of modern technologies are based on alien tech are ridiculous. They all have well documented Earthly pedigrees that anyone can research if they want to spend the time.

        3) Exoplanet research has really only confirmed what was already suspected at this point — that there are a lot of them. It’s extremely important research, of course, and a necessary step toward discovering just how common Earth-like planets are and how many are good candidates for hosting life. But it has nothing to do with grooming the public for some future revelation that we have already made contact.

        4) Academics don’t need or want to be wasting their time chasing fairy tales (sorry, but that’s all they are). If and when there is evidence that can be taken seriously, there will be no shortage of money, time, effort and volunteers devoted to investigating it. Absent that, there is no era.

        Look, if it ever happens, I believe that humanity’s first contact with intelligent alien life would be the ultimate game changer — and probably the most profoundly significant event in human history. If I had the power to make it happen, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

        But I can tell the difference between the kind of nonsense that pervades the so-called UFO community and the real thing. If it even happens, it won’t be some shadowy, conspiratorial encounter that leaves rumors, and half-baked, highly dubious evidence lying around. Ask yourself why, even with the proliferation of high-definition cameras and low-cost high quality telescopes, no astronomer has even taken a clear photograph of an alien craft? There are probably more people watching the skies today than ever before, but somehow nothing ever appears on film unless its some ill-defined blurry image that could be anything.

      3. I appreciate the effort you have made to respond. I like your thoughts and positions as they do give me much food for thought. I am not sure how much knowledge you have on some of these subjects. For example you mention “no astronomer has even taken a clear photograph of an alien craft?” . You might not know that it is much more likely that someone on the ground with their iPhone would “see” a UFO and capture a clear image. The telescope has such a narrow field of view. The number of sightings captured on SmartPhones is accelerating by the month.

        Now lets look at the UK reports : Nick Pope told The Huffington Post. ‘There’s something in our air space; pilots see them; they’re tracked on radar; sometimes we scramble jets to chase these things, but we can’t catch them.’ This would be an admission that we’d lost control of our own air space, and such a position would be untenable.” See

        I have personally talked to Nick Pope and there is a 50% chance he is part of the disinformation campaign as I suspect you would have me believe. I am now leaning towards believing what he is saying. I think our chances of finding out much more about UFO’s will come from other countries not the USA.

      4. I appreciate the effort you have made to respond. I like your thoughts and positions as they do give me much food for thought. I am not sure how much knowledge you have on some of these subjects. For example you mention “no astronomer has even taken a clear photograph of an alien craft?” . You might not know that it is much more likely that someone on the ground with their iPhone would “see” a UFO and capture a clear image. The telescope has such a narrow field of view. The number of sightings captured on SmartPhones is accelerating by the month.

        Thanks – and I’m enjoying the discussion with you too. The point about astronomers (and I’m really more talking about all the amateurs with scopes in their back gardens) is that they spend a lot of their time out in the dark, at night, looking at the sky. Yes, their scopes are not very suitable for detecting alien craft, but you have seen those beautiful sweeping panoramas of the night sky that astronomers sometimes take. The point is that they are out there, every night, in their tens of thousands, looking up into clear skies. That is far more and far longer than the average Joe, and yet you almost never hear any reports from them. (I say almost never because there is always a chance that there is one amateur astronomer who has seen something they can’t explain.)

        I have taken the time to investigate some claims in the past, but they have always been a waste of time. For example, on Coast to Coast one night a couple of years ago, Linda Moulton Howe breathlessly reported people seeing UFOs over Stratford-upon-Avon, in the UK. She went on at some length explaining that all non-UFO explanations had been ruled out, so it was a real sighting. Well, it happens that my parents live there, so I took an interest and searched the web for more information. Turns out, someone in Stratford was having a party and had release a couple of dozen Chinese lanterns (like those in the Disney movie Tangled) that were sent floating into the air. It was a calm night and I am sure that they were quite an eerie and strange sight, which is why the local newspaper was called, and they investigated.

        Howe clearly didn’t bother, and reported it as a UFO sighting.

        So, on the whole, I don’t bother. Ironically, First Contact with aliens does fascinate me, but only in the sense that I find it interesting to consider how it would happen and what would happen if it ever did. I have even written a series of short stories around the subject, and am planning to publish them on the Amazon Kindle store in due course (probably next year). One of them does poke a little fun at the UFO believing community, so I hope they have a sense of humor 🙂

      5. Hello MikeW : I would very much appreciate reading your short stories. I am originally from the UK now living in Victoria, Canada. I sense I might be a lot older than you. My age does put me in a rather vulnerable position, as I do know that in previous generations someone like myself would be drawn to religion as they get close to retirement (or “death”). In previous generations “religion” would comfort the spirit as we get closer to the “end”. I am very much conscious of the “comfort” the various possibilities of UFO phenomina bring to people in my position. What can I do to resist this compulsion? I switch on the TV and watch incredible developments in science on the Discovery Channel. These developments seem to be accelerating over the past 3 years. All seem racing towards conclusion that ” we are not alone” and that other intelligent life is already close by us. I used to enjoy Art Bell on the radio in the 90’s and now equally enjoy Kate Valentine’s weekly podcasts . I find it hard to accept that so many people could be deluded. But perhaps we are. Your skepticsm serves a valuable purpose.

      6. We all have delusions about something! :-). Just think about the number of very different religions that have millions of true believers. They can’t all be true, which means that millions of people — and probably billions — are very, very wrong. (But it doesn’t mean that they are stupid or unintelligent.)

        I’m not that young myself — approaching the half-century mark, but I do have two elderly parents, and interestingly enough, even though they have been life-long Christians, they have been moving in the opposite direct (away from religion) in the last few years. My Dad even admitted to me that if they had been a bit younger, they probably would have left the church altogether by now. (They have many good friends there, so there is little sense in them cutting all those social ties at their age.)

        As for the writing — thanks! I did already publish three individual short stories, for the minimum 99 cents each, but then after studying the self-publishing marketplace, I decided that when people are publishing whole novels for 99 cents, there is no market for individual stories at that price (and a couple of them are very short). So I decided to finish a collection (probably around eight of them) and publish them all together, instead.

        You are, of course, very welcome to buy the individual stories, but I am not actively promoting them at the moment. My website is and you can find links to them there. But if you’re willing to wait, I hope to be posting the full collection up on Kindle early in the New Year for one, low, price 🙂

    3. Why are you waiting for WH dislosure, when millions have already made the great step forward and opened

      Not only do we have open contact, but thpusands of pages of of info. on the planets history, our origins etc..

      The best of that is from Randolph Winters, a US investigator who spent time in Switzerland with the contactee, Billy . Meier. His book, The Pleiadean Mission, A Time of Awareness, iis us a much better insight than even the 1800 pages of contact notes, of the conversations recorded between Meier and the ets. in Message From the Pleiades, in 4 volumes, published by the late Col. Wendelle Stevens, USAF, Intel. Retd. and Meier.

      here we have group who are 3,500 years ahead on tech,. medicine,, & spiritual knowledge, with whom we share commone ancestry. Go learn, and be brave enough to accept a new paradigm. No, it is not a cult, just info which you have the free will to accept or reject.

  2. So now that the White House confirmed that they’re not covering anything up, the people who signed the petition will continue to accuse the gov’t of covering something up.

    1. Or, just maybe, nobody is lying to anyone. If you are suggesting that there are some high ranking military officials out there who claim that they know aliens exist, then it is perfectly reasonable to conclude that they are mistaken about what they’ve seen. They don’t have to be lying (though they could be, I guess).

      1. There are, without any question, many high ranking military officials (though mostly retired) who have already stepped forward. But regardless, anyone assuming upon themselves the position of second-guesser is walking a line far thinner than the original testimony. In other words, third-party assessments are worth less than dime store novels.

      2. But it remains true that eye-witness accounts are amongst the least reliable form of evidence. People routinely mistake weather and astronomical phenomena for UFOs, senses and memories are easily tricked, and it is a fact of human nature that personal stories are embellished over time.

        It also remains true that the burden of proof remains on those who make the fantastical claims. Contact with aliens is no small claim, and absent significant corroborating physical evidence, should always be treated with the utmost suspicion.

      3. You’re either ignoring or unaware of the cases (there’s quite a few) where UFO’s were tracked on radar, sometimes, even by multiple radar stations and aircraft.

  3. “In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.”

    Well, that’s definitely not true just as it’s an outright lie to say there are no UFO coverups.

    1. The key word is “credible” Conan. There’s lots of “incredible” (as in “unbelievable”) information, but no credible information. That’s why it’s not a lie at all.

      1. Credibility is in the eye of the beholder. You may believe what you choose and you may proclaim it as absolute gospel… but it really doesn’t amount to anything more than one person’s opinion. The word here is ‘subjective’, as in: entirely ‘subjective’, lol.

      2. So if I made the claim that I was the world’s foremost debunker of alien abductions, and you disputed it, saying that it was not a credible claim, everyone should just dismiss your opinion as worthless and accept that my claim has more value than your opinion?


        What you are suggesting is intellectual anarchy. The burden of proof is on the original claimant, and the more extraordinary the claim, the greater that burden is. There is very little that is more extraordinary than the claim to have encountered alien life in some form.

        If NASA or some other government agency went chasing after every claim made about evidence for alien life, they wouldn’t have any time or money to get any real work done. I still remember when Richard Hoagland said that it was imperative that NASA send a mission to Cydonia on Mars based purely on his claim that there was evidence of alien artifacts there. He was suggesting we had to spend billions in tax payer’s money on his, purely speculative claims. Not surprisingly, NASA ignored his nonsense completely.

        If and when the day comes that seriously compelling evidence for alien life is uncovered there will be no shortage of attention and resources employed to investigate it — and I will be right there in front, cheering them on. Until that time, let’s just focus on reality, and not fantasy.

  4. What a beautiful approach to that 80% by applying the word, ‘appease’. I am sure that your insult will be largely applauded by the other 20%.

    Perhaps we are being visited, perhaps not. Maybe that visitation is by ET, or maybe not. But regardless of exactly what it all amounts to, the ridicule and mistreatment of so large a portion of global society, by government, mainstream science and the media, should not be allowed to go without note or challenge. This is not how a free society treats people. This is snob tyranny.

    1. People ridicule because the claims are ridiculous — just like the claim that those who reject the veracity of tales of alien encounters and UFO are ridiculing 80% of all human beings. The ridicule is limited to those who are making and promoting the claims — i.e. just a few thousand people, at most.

      Come up with some extraordinary evidence for your extraordinary claim if you want people to treat you seriously.

  5. For many it’s more important to believe than face reality. I had a feeling the only group a white house disclosure would affect were those that are on the fence and haven’t been over Hollywoodized with ideas that the government is a giant conspiracy farm.

  6. And 9/11 was caused by 19 uneducated Muslim militants, Iraq harbored “weapons of mass destruction,” and the Patriot Act protects America from foreign terrorism …. in closing, our government doesn’t lie ….

    1. And 9/11 was caused by 19 uneducated Muslim militants
      Well, they weren’t uneducated, and they had help from their fellow terrorists in the planning of the attack, but yes, in essence, that’s what happened. It’s certainly far more believable that a small group of determined killers took advantage of lax security in a free and open society, than some ludicrous complex wide-ranging government conspiracy that would have had to involve dozens, if not hundreds of people, all without a single leak from anybody.

      But it is telling that those who believe one conspiracy theory tend to believe a lot of them. Hint: it doesn’t bolster your claims.

      And just because the government lies to us (and I agree, they do it all the time) doesn’t mean that everything they say is a lie. That would be extremely faulty logic.

  7. All this hoopla over whether UFO’s exist is ridiculous. Of course they do. I have seen one myself. It may have been an air craft of some sort or a satellite, but as far as my viewpoint is concerned, it was an Unidentified Flying Object and it existed. Could it have been aliens from another world? Possibly, probably not, but I will likely never know. It is a UFO.

      1. I agree, my point was that we all should be ‘UFO believers’ (last paragraph), only because some things we see in the sky remain Unexplained. Whether we believe they are of extraterrestrial origin is another thing entirely.

    1. This is a pretty extraordinary claim. I’m sure you have some pretty substantial evidence or you won’t be claiming this. Can we see your proof? How many photos? Date & time, location and personal context? Audio evidence? Expert interpretation of your material? Eye witness references and backgrounds? Personal notes written within 24 hours?

  8. This is also a sign of something troublesome. It comes to some chagrin on my part to see how this blog post has quickly racked up so many responses, which upon a quick look about half of the responders seem to support the petitioners and advance various claims to support the UFO = alien life idea. Taken as a barometer of the mentality of people (mostly Americans) this suggests a bleak accounting of things.

    The “data” for UFOs as being some ETI from space is about as clear as the data suggesting that ghosts and spirits contact living people from the “beyond.” There is nothing above the level of noise to suggest anything. Further, I think the more we know about the universe, and now the local interstellar ‘geography,” this does not suggest space aliens are visiting. It tells us the landscape of reality is enormously diverse and what we are finding is far different from our planet. The chances of being visited by ETIs from another planet are very remote.


    1. ‘It tells us the landscape of reality is enormously diverse and what we are finding is far different from our planet.’

      I don’t think that we can draw this conclusion just yet, it’s early days for the Kepler and WISE data for the numbers of worlds that are the size of Earth or smaller, Kepler also needs more time, but what is being said about the data so far is that those planets may be far more in number than they anticipated, most of what has come out so far has been the easy to spot stuff, gas giants and the like in close orbits around their parent stars.
      I agree though, the landscape of reality is enormously diverse, in fact I think that is an understatement.

      1. The extrasolar systems which have been found tend to have quite a large range of diverse distributions of planets. There are those who think a large moon such as Earth’s is necessary for complex life, for it stabilizes the angular momentum of the planet. I doubt that Earth would have complex life if Jupiter were at 2AU, for the orbit of the planet would be far more chaotic and this would cause wild swings in climate.

        I think there is likely intelligent life in the universe beyond ourselves. It may take a range for forms, and we may have divergent forms on this planet already. Some may be able to develop technology based on an understanding of the universe in ways which have some isomorphism with how we understand it. Yet I suspect intelligent life is not abundant, and biological evolution does not function to reach some sort of goal. Evolution of life on any planet may have some probability for the evolution of intelligent life at some time in the biological tenure of that planet. So there might be an ETI per galaxy over a 5 or 10 billion year period.

        Consequently I think the probability an ETI built a starship which came to Earth, in particular coincident with us humans being here, is exceedingly small. It is not impossible though. Yet an extraterrestrial visitation is something I think is exceedingly unlikely to happen.


    2. Sci Fi short story topic: Two choices.. ‘they’ are here or ‘they’ are not here…

      THEY are here… their absence from the public eye only proves that they don’t want us to know they ARE here. They obviously prefer to remain anonymous and limit the number of people who know.

      Scenario: Back in the late 1930’s early 1940’s, Aliens land and contact officials high in the world’s governments and request secretive meetings. During the meeting(s) it is agreed to make certain exchanges of alien technology for gold. The aliens need the gold to line fusion reactors aboard their star ships…

      Later we find that the aliens have been using our ancestors to dig the gold for thousands and thousands of years and that our planet is almost completely stripped of that mineral…. AND Ft. Knox is empty and we have no way to get it back!

      THEY are NOT here: Some secretive gov’t military agency WANTS us to believe in UFO’s to provide cover for they’re ‘spy vs spy’ activity …aka… Spooks

      1. There is plausible deniability. I have found it funny that outright denials of UFOs are sometimes not made when the claimed alien spacecraft looks a bit like some secret test aircraft or skunkworks secret spy plane.


    3. Your response is typical of the knee jerk debunker brigade, uninformed, gullible and credulous. A few days spent researching what there is would shake up your small minded beliefs. Some of us have even had experiences which leave no doubt in our minds and as one of these, I just look at what people like you assert and sigh at the sad primitive mindset of so many. It isn’t even about taking the word of people like me of course because there is plenty more than our unprovable assertions to go on.

      1. Some of us have even had experiences which leave no doubt in our minds and as one of these, I […]

        You mean like this?

      2. That a pretty ignorant reply. If you actually do some research, a lot of people have had direct contact with something strange. Sometimes with multiple witnesses at the same time. I’m one of those people (and had 6 other witnesses to one encounter, which also left physical evidence). Clearly something is going on. At the same time I’ll be the first to say it’s probably not ETs, but it’s not all in people’s imaginations either. Its likely something much stranger.

        Regarding UFOs, we don’t know what they are, so we can’t say they are ET spacecraft. There’s many reasons to believe they are not. But once again, they are not figments of people’s imaginations. They have been tracked on RADAR, and many pilots and other people in the military have reported them. Even astronauts.

        So rather than debunking the whole thing, more scientist should be studying it. Of course with the current standard ridiculing that goes on, most wont want to risk their careers.

        You people here that are quick to debunk this whole thing have also not really studied the facts. Even (especially) the “professional skeptics” are usually very ignorant of the facts, or alter them to fit their belief system.

        A good book to start insofar as showing some credible witness testimony is: “UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record” by Leslie Kean.

        So, they ARE here, but what they are exactly is another question. They also communicate with individuals and more-or-less tell these people the same thing over and over again. Once again it’s hard to say what’s doing this.

        As far as a government coverup; I don’t think the US government has a clue what this is. They have shown an interest in it, and when people have requested certain documents via FOIA, some have been totally redacted. If there was nothing to cover up, why censor the documents? Now the guy who started one of these petitions is a dufus. He firmly believes this is ET, yet many of us with direct contact to this feel it’s something else entirely.

        Incidentally, for all those who say “why don’t they land on the White House lawn”, they sure have flown over it! It happened on July in 1952, and lead to the Robertson Panel, which was a debunking effort, as they spent only twelve hours reviewing a limited number of cases.

      3. So if you are driving your car you have hypnagogia? Not! And with multiple people? Everyone has it at the same time and hallucinates the same thing? Not! Lame explanation. Same with sleep paralysis.

        The case is not closed.

        Many of these things happen to people who are wide awake, and not in their beds. That shows you have not done any research on the subject at all. Which is exactly as I expected. Debunkers never want to do any research, they just grab the first idea that comes into mind.

      4. Seriously, why would an alien civilization invest a lot of time and resources, travelling from one star system to another (Sol), just for the sole purpose of giving same redneck or dago an ass probe?

      5. See, you haven’t studied any of this, nor did you read anything I wrote. It’s likely not ETs doing it. It could be beings from somewhere else that does not require travel between star systems. It could be they are getting here someway we don’t understand. They might actually live here, as many UFO sightings involve them coming from and going into large bodies of water. This is why the US Navy is in charge of UFO sightings.

        Also, you are once more showing your ignorance on the subject, as many abductees are highly educated people with degreed professions like doctors and (gasp) even scientist. The ass probe thing was Whitley Strieber’s book, but that usually doesn’t happen. But he said it happened to him. The other thing is even though these appear to be some medical procedures, they probably aren’t, and it’s all staged. Why? Who knows.

        Also evidence would have it that this has been going on for a very long time. Too long for it to be ET, but clearly it has been going on. Read some of Jacques Vallée’s books on the subject. He’s also a scientist. He co-developing the first computerized mapping of Mars for NASA, was an astronomer and later because a computer scientist.

        There is a whole world of stuff going on out there that you clearly are unaware of.

      6. Also evidence would have it that this has been going on for a very long time.

        Like, er… what “evidence”, dude?

      7. Dude? What are you, like, 16?

        All I can say is you are dismissing a subject you know *nothing* about. Do some reading. There are a lot of serious books on the subject.

        I’ve been studying this for the past 40+ years.

      8. This comment is completely childish and uncalled for. Where is the moderator???
        This is not the first time this individual has resorted to this kind of trash talk!

      9. What evidence? All there is is eye witness testimonies. Extraordinary claims require the burden of proof to be extraordinary.

      10. Why does everyone automatically use the old Sagan quote? And if you are going to use that logic, go back to the source of that, Pierre-Simon Laplace, who said; “The weight of evidence for an extraordinary claim must be proportioned to its strangeness.”

        So what are the claims?

        •People see UFOs

        That’s a fact.

        • UFOs are unknown objects

        That’s also a fact. So far I don’t see anything all that extraordinary. In fact, so many people make credible reports of unknown objects doing things that manmade or natural objects can’t do, that just that fact is actually quite extraordinary.

        Are UFOs extraterrestrial spacecraft?

        We don’t have enough information to make that judgement. We also can’t devise a test to prove it. It’s untestable, since its unpredictable, and therefore not repeatable. But not being able to test for it does not mean that the phenomenon is not real.

        However, you can do some research into the matter, which I will assume you have not, as see that some actual scientist think these are real objects of unknown origin.

        One such scientist is Dr. Bruce Maccabee, optical physicist formerly employed by the U.S. Navy. He has studied many photographic evidence of UFOs. Also, a lot of these eyewitness testimonies, which you so readily dismiss, are by pilots and military officers that have experience with such things.

        So if you want to experience the vast amount of RADAR, photographic, and trace evidence, as well as expert eyewitness testimonies, just find some good books on the subject. There are also really BAD books, but start with Jacques Vallée.

    4. radar evidence of ufos going 20k miles/ hr and zipping out of the atmosphere does not suggest “space aliens”… Have u seen the Nasa sts videos… I mean they were shot by our space agency. Lunar astronauts claiming the US is covering this up is not ” above the level of noise to suggest anything”. 3 out of 12 lunar astronauts. Really?

      1. The radar signals are probably due to ionization of the upper atmosphere. Charged particle flux from the sun ionizes the atmosphere, which if strong enough will produce aurora displays. Ionized gas will reflect EM radiation and appear as a signal on radar. The variation in the flux of incoming charged particle radiation will cause the region of ionization to migrate rapidly.

        Which is the most reasonable or most probable interpretation of these events? The first is a natural process involving ionization of molecules in the upper atmosphere. The second is that alien life forms traversed hundreds or thousands of light years to make reconnaissance missions over Earth.

        The UFO claims by Apollo astronauts never materialized into much. They tend to be typical of such sighting, which are transient and not consistent.


      2. I’ll take my five years workin on apg 65 and apg73 radar on f-18’s for the US Navy, along with my FCC license that allows me to work on any radar in the world, and my degrees in aeronautics and technology over that “stupid excuse” any day. Multiple radars + multiple witnesses does not equal ionized gas… Can Ionized gas track a shuttle for 3 days?

  9. It’s ALL a cover up in order to keep us from panicking! INDEED, just think if the U.S. government confirmed alien contact, wouldn’t most people freakout ???

    1. I doubt it, brad. Some people would freak out, sure, and there would be a massive amount of scrambling as governments, religious leaders, major economic decision makers and financial investors all digested the news and tried to understand the ramifications of the announcement.

      But it all very much depends on what is announced. If they just announced that they had detected an alien signal from 50 light years away, or that there was microbial life on Mars, it would be huge news, but very little would change day-to-day, and there would be no need to panic at all.

      In the scenario that is being discuss here though — the announcement that the government has known about aliens and been in contact with them for decades — yes, it would be a bombshell, but again, if nothing much has happened in the decades they have supposedly been here, when what would change, except the knowledge that they were here? If they are just here to study us, but not to interfere, then nothing changes. If they are here to welcome us to the galactic commonwealth, then cool, but our daily lives are unlikely to change significantly, not in the short term anyway.

      Even those with the most to lose — religious leaders — would probably find a way to deal with the new reality more easily than we might expect. I suspect that if it ever happened, all the major religions will suddenly find that there was nothing in their holy books that ruled out the possibility, though they probably would have to compete with several new religions that spring up around the aliens.

      All in all, though, unless we are being faced with some kind of alien invasion (for which there are plenty of reasons to doubt would happen), I think that people are far more resilient than the alien conspiracy buffs keep claiming they would be. People didn’t run around like headless chickens even in the darkest days of WWI and WWII, and I very much doubt they would today if aliens were suddenly announced to be real.

      1. I would also add that popular culture has played a significant role in de-sensitizing us to the idea of alien life. For 100 years or so, the media has addressed this issue at length. From the War of The Worlds broadcast in 1937, to Star Trek, we’ve been acclimatised to this idea. Even the Vatican has publicly mussed about the idea of extra-terrestrial life. Islam actually has a vague (but nevertheless friendly to ETI interpretation) passage regarding cosmic “peoples.”

      2. The notion of life in the heavens is very ancient. Angels or gods, the spirits of ancestors or other beings have been thought to inhabit the sky since prehistory. The space alien is a modern variant of the same idea. It also illustrates a proclivity that human beings have to focus in on people, or being like people. This particular blog spot has a large number of reponses, where about half are from those who think UFOs are alien spacecraft. The idea of ETI in the universe gives a sort of human-ness to the universe, which amounts to us projecting our hopes and meaning beyond our terrestrial sphere. Without ETI the universe outside this planet is a mindless system of stars, black holes and other processes that have no conscious context to them.

        I am not saying that ETI absolutely can’t exist. The conjecture that there exists intelligent life on other planets is fairly reasonable. However, it is a wide stretch to think they have traveled to Earth and have this great focus on our species. This extends to ideas of abductions and even sexual liaisons with space aliens. This is a heavy overlay of our psychological tendency to project ourselves onto the world (or as character on the pages of a book) in the form of spirits or gods.


      3. Your reasonaing is pretty good in my humble opinion. This is wh
        y we are expecting gradual acceptance of the fact that we are “not alone”.

      4. “Even those with the most to lose — religious leaders — would probably find a way to deal with the new reality more easily than we might expect.”

        The Catholic Church, at least (and for a historical change) is already ahead of the curve on this one, the Vatican having announced several years ago that it’s open to, and ready for this. Just Google ‘pope’ and ‘aliens’

        Other faiths? Who knows? But I’m very Darwinian on this. Like anything else, they’ll adapt or die. What religion wants to admit its god(s) isn’t big enough to encompass this?

        And it’s hardly the business of government to hide the answer of the most profound question of all (aside from the actual existence of God) of all, just because the truth might make some people uncomfortable…

    2. Um, no.

      Indeed, people are more comfortable with the idea now, than any time in the past.

      And it would depend on the circumstances. If it’s something as benign as detecting unquestionably artificial radio signals from some star within, say, 100 light-years…expect lots of headlines for a few weeks and then, except for an ongoing controversy as to whether we should deliberately beam signals that way, it’ll be back to business as usual in no time.

      If it’s something as open and blatant as a landing on the White House lawn…then it will depend very much on what they do and say. And it may only be something like;

      “Hi, nice to meet you, but we’ve encountered too many other civilizations to get excited about yours. We’re from the star you call (fill in blank), but we’re here only to survey and catalog your solar system, and move one. Have a nice day.”

      (Of course, even that brief announcement would tell us a lot…)

      Unless we start it, I don’t anticipate violence. Earth has no material resources that can’t be found elsewhere. Threats could only come from both the alien equivalent of religious, philosophical or political motivations, *and* if interstellar travel ultimately turns out to be not terribly hard (it might even require FTL to be both possible and practical). There won’t be any ‘jihads’ via radio…

    1. I like it, but you’d never be able to take it back…

      I’m reminded of someone’s notion of an actual alien arrival, and as they come out of their ship, they’re puzzled by the throngs of people consisting primarily of hard-core (as opposed to the open-minded who just want to know what’s going on) UFO believers, and their human escort whispers;

      “Don’t tell them that you’ve never been here before. They won’t believe you.”

  10. Who would have guessed it?
    From Wikipedia, ‘plausible deniability’ If your opponent lacks incontrovertible proof (evidence) of their allegation, you can “plausibly deny” the allegation even though it may be true.
    Governments around the world use this on a daily basis for lots of different reasons but mostly to cover their own asses.
    I saw something once, something I cannot explain, it has troubled me since 2007 I just cannot seem to get my head around it. Late at night walking my dog across our local country park I looked up at the sky to soak up the beauty of the stars, I watched an unusual pair of satellites travelling on a northerly path, I say unusual because they appeared as one above the other, I watched for around 45 seconds, then the ‘lower’ satellite instantly changed direction to a South South Easterly path, I have never seen a maneuver like it, it reminded me of how the tennis ball moved when it hit the bat or the top of the screen in the old atari tennis game.

    I love science, have done since early childhood, it is mankind’s greatest tool for discovery and its greatest achievement ever in its history to my mind at least, it is capable of so much more than all it has done so far and I personally believe we would be much further ahead, if it wasn’t for the cost or political interference, but futher ahead we will be given enough time.
    Recently I saw an update on the WISE observatory data, much of which is only just being analyzed, on the solstation website there is a listing of nearby notable stars within the 10 to 20 light year range that is growing in size, also growing within that list are the number of candidate rocky planets within the habitable zone, I believe soon science will discover its first exoplanet with all the markers of life, could you imagine one possibility of finding a world in it’s ‘Jurassic’ stage? Alien Dinosaurs… That, would blow my mind.

    1. Recently I saw an update on the WISE observatory data, much of which is only just being analyzed, on the solstation website there is a listing of nearby notable stars within the 10 to 20 light year range that is growing in size,

      Those stars are only red and brown dwarfs, though, and are typically not very good candidates for finding habitable-zone planets suitable for life with. Most red dwarfs, for example, are flare stars, and their variability would be a major problem for any planet close enough to have liquid water on.

      I do agree that we will eventually find a planet that will have evidence of oceans of water, and possibly even some markers of life. However, I suspect we’ll probably have to wait for another generation or two of telescopes before we find it — i.e. most likely another 20 years or more down the road.

      1. I can agree with that, red dwarfs being too unstable etc, brown dwarfs may surprise us yet, well see when the data is there, but my point is about the numbers, Kepler is only looking at a tiny slither of our local galaxy, I was excited about the fact that some of these cadidate systems are very close by in terms of distance, and their numbers are growing, and the other discovery of water being more common during system formation than previously thought, these are exciting times and the technology driving it is just as exciting.

        On the subject of ET, the jury is out, we can never be 100% arrogantly certain that our world has never been visited in the past, maybe they passed by when earth was jurrasic park, I could well imagine that (for entertainment purposes only of course!) ET 2, “Another planet with life sir.” ET 1. “Anything different no.2?” ET 2. “No sir, just another giant lizzard world sir.” ET 1 “Move along no.2 nothing more to see.”

        Maybe we had a visit during the stone age and they gave us some info on Pi and golden numbers and what we could do with them, build huge pyramids with hidden properties and meanings, align them with such accuracy as to leave modern man scatching his head, or fit stones together in such a way that the result would be earthquake proof walls or buildings, Huge cities lying on the ocean floor with no doubt many more questions to be asked.
        There is so much more we have yet to discover, about our past, about our present and more importantly about our future, we still know so little, it takes an open mind to ask the questions and the sciences to discover the answers.

      2. There is certainly a lot to discover about out past, no doubt. However, the claims that somehow ETI influenced ancient civilizations is a colorful interpretation at it’s best, misrepresentation at it’s worst.

        Discovery channel likes to make these shows because they are ratings monsters. Unfortunately, for those who claim these ‘revelations’ of sorts, there isn’t really anything substantial to build a case on.

        It is much more likely in every case presented, that human ingenuity was the only catalyst to these wonders. I tend to take some comfort in this much more likely explanation – we are after all, inventors and achievers.

        I postulate that Red Dwarf worlds will actually be fairly good candidates for life. They are numerous, and tend to have planets that are very old. This increases the odds that some of them harbor life. The flip side is that these stars often tidally lock their host planets and incinerate their surfaces with radiation bursts.

        Life on these worlds may in many instances be very simple forms that are better adapted to cope with such extreme environments. Again, just a theory.

  11. UPDATE: The Paradigm Research Group, one of the organizations sponsoring the petitions, has issued a statement saying, “As expected it was written by a low level staffer from the Office of Science and Technology Policy – research assistant Phil Larson. The response was unacceptable.”

    In that case, the petition got exactly the amount of attention it deserved. Just imagine the cries of “cover-up” they would have issued if the Joint Chiefs of Staff or the President himself had issued this report.

    1. Also, let’s suppose Obama himself responded. Then Paradigm would just have said something like:
      a) Obama is clearly part of the cover-up, or
      b) Obama himself is obviously being lied to

      Aren’t conspiracy theories beautiful?

      1. Yes, Conspiracy theories are beautiful, people will always doubt the official statements, its part of the psyche of the people who follow conspiracy theories(like myself).

        The idea of making a petition for disclosure is a nice concept but if the creators truly expected a honest answer on such a controversial subject then they can not have been the brightest, if the government have been keeping a secret for 80-90 years or longer they wont just admit they have been lying for so long just because 25000 people sign a paper.

        As for myself i enjoy reading about all the Alien conspiracy theories but i doubt the majority of them. I do believe there are other solar systems in the universe with life, the question is if they have visited us.

        But there is to many witnesses coming fort, that there have to be something behind the phenomenon.
        If that is Aliens, Army, Black ops, Nazi´s(if you follow the theory of nazis with flying saucers that live in South American mountain bases), subterran lizards or cults etc, we might never know, but it is enjoyable to fantasize about the concept.

  12. They exist, but they’ve never come here. It is the height of arrogance to think that advanced alien civilizations would seek out this tiny spec of a planet in the middle of nowhere when there are probably billions of life-harboring planets in the universe, if not trillions.

    1. I think there is a very good chance they exist too — somewhere other than here. But I’m not so sure that they would not be interested in us if they knew we were here. What if intelligent life is rare? Once an alien civilization has solved all the puzzles of the physical universe, then life might be pretty boring if there was nothing left to investigate.

      Other intelligent life, like us, however, our thoughts, our history, our civilization. All that would be new to them. If they had any curiosity at all, I would think that they might find us as interesting, say, as the lives of the rich and famous are to many regular people. We could be their equivalent of a reality show.

      1. It depends on what you mean by rare. If you mean, for example, one intelligent civilization per galaxy, that would still amount to billions if not trillions of intelligent civilizations in the observable universe. Assuming there are 500 billion galaxies (very conservative estimate), that would amount to 500 billion advanced civilizations.

  13. JesusChrist EasterBunny SantaClaus ToothFairy SpaceAliens.

    Five imaginary beings believed in by knuckleheads, boobs and small children.

    1. Intelligent people and UFOs have a lot in common.
      You here about them all the time but you never see one.

    2. Well. You are trying to compare JHS with things completly different. Someone can tell me which year we are?. Some will say 2011 but dont forvige b.C. So it is free that someone be named and remembered for free? Please people musst have more respetc at time to speak. People who it’s no necessary be a witch or something like that to think that this kind of people don’t have another better think to do that be in FB chatting and fooling. People who surely will dont have a strett with their names even.

  14. I have many friends and coworkers who absolutely believe computer technology comes from an alien spaceship in the hands of the government. They say that’s why computers were invented out of nowhere and improved so much. I myself know a lot about computer science, its development and history, and I know this is not the case. It is sad that so many people have such strong false opinions based on a lack of basic knowledge, and yet have no inclination or integrity to seek such knowledge. I understand that not everyone can have a PHD in physics or computer science, but anyone with some curiosity should know the difference between a comet and a galaxy, or between an 8-bit processor and a 64-bit processor. Sadly,it seems most people do not.

    1. Idiots People like that think that just because they cannot understand and/or invent something, no mortal man can either!

  15. Govt is about 3 moves from being in checkmate on this issue.

    Over 100,000 pages of radar reports from EVERY country with airborne radar that shows objects that exceed 20,000 mph and change direction out of atmosphere.

    At least 3 of the men who have been to the moon (or not if u don’t believe we went) Dr. Mitchell, Eugene Cernan, and Buzz Aldrin have all claimed coverup.

    The disclosure projects 400+ witnesses such as ex military, pilots, AZ governor, astronauts, govt contractors, and much more. look it up for yourself….

    The Nasa Sts videos and tether incident….

    Moon and Mars anomalies….

    A few quotes: “We must insist upon full access to disks recovered. For instance, in the La case the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination.”
    –J Edgar Hoover

    “The UFO phenomenon being reported is something real and not visionary or fictitious”
    –General Nathan Twining

    “Unknown objects are operating under intelligent control… It is imperative that we learn where UFOs come from and what their purpose is. I can tell you, behind the scenes, high ranking military officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs”
    –Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter (Former director of the Central Intelligence Agency)

    “The phenomenon of UFOs does exist, and it must be treated seriously.”
    –Mikhail Gorbachev

    1. Erm, from your quotes – doesn’t UFO stand for unidentified flying object not necessarily meaning aliens in a flying saucer (then it would not be UFO after all…).

      1. Government documents and witnesses referring to alien bodies mean just that, however. Ufology is the most difficult subject to get a firm handle upon. The Dolan books are a good start with that. There are people who know with certainty.

      2. Yes UFO stands for “unidentified flying object”. It allows u to talk about the problem with out acknowledging the reality. These things have been identified at least by the US govt since the 40s.

      3. That’s true, but the standard debunking of UFO reports is to identify the object, and say the observer has misidentified something like the planet Venus (even though Venus doesn’t zig zag across the sky), or some such thing. That’s not doing anything constructive.

        These “explanations” generally do not fit the observer’s experience and description. The problem is in part the old “It can’t be, so it isn’t, so it must be something else”. That’s a very arrogant and close minded stance to take. This gets back to egos and what the person making that statement accepts as facts. So rather than say this is an unexplained phenomenon, and really trying to solve what it is, it’s brushed under the rug with banal explanations and smirks. You can see this right here in this thread.

        So, yes, UFOs are unidentified objects. We do not know what they are. They do seem to be physical and in most cases metallic. They are seen to do things that should not be possible with what we understand about physics. They have left trace evidence such as “landing pad” marks in soil. People have reported odd looking humanoid beings near these objects. These reports are very numerous and consistent. Many are misidentifications and hoaxes, but not all of them.

        So it should be clear that it is a subject for serious study, but what we get instead is often very shallow debunking, or total disinterest and ridicule.

        The problem is often these experiences are very strange. There are aspects that make no sense at all, and this seems to be intentional. This makes them even more undesirable for serious study.

        So, UFO does not equal alien spacecraft, but it also does not equal misidentification. That’s equally as wrong, and is fundamentalism on the other side of the fence. It can’t be, so it isn’t, so it must be something else.

    2. Oh boy, as soon as you made an inference to the ‘Mars face’ you lost all credibility. Not that you had much to begin with. Face reality, until the world is handed absolute, physical proof you cannot convince yourself that extraterrestrial intelligent entities are visiting our planet. There are so many terrestrial explanations for what people see but they choose to ignore or dismiss them in favour of little green men in flying saucers.
      Don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe that in this unimaginably vast universe there are other intelligent civilizations, I just don’t believe they are visiting us. People like you just do not understand the road blocks physics puts in front of any would-be interstellar travelers.

      1. Trevor, really, you REALLY don’t have a clue, and i mean that in all sincerity, you have the audacity to even pretend to know what a civilization perhaps a million years in advance of ours could have achieved by assuming they could not be visiting us. For all you know they’ve been here for millions of years already. You are stuck in your own tiny paradigm and your own religion, namely the physics of thermodynamics and the dogma of the 20th century.

      2. Trevor is the kind of guy who does not believe in “little green men” or UFOs, BUT he most likely believes in an imaginary being called God who sits on a throne in heaven who writes with a magic pen all the good and evil deeds that Trevor does on this magic book and one day Trevor would have to face this imaginary god and this god will send him packing to heaven or hell. You might as well believe in the freaking easter bunny Trevor! UFOs and extraterrestrials do exist you idiot.

      3. This is a perfect example of your ignorance and propensity to come to conclusions that suit your own agenda’s. I am about as anti-religion as you can get. I don’t believe in mythical deities as much as I don’t believe in little green men in flying saucers. The fact you have resorted to juvenile insults does not help your cause, perhaps you need to adjust your tin foil hat, it’s probably on too tight.

      4. Where’s the evidence? Don’t show me blurry photo’s, shaky video of weird lights or people recollecting experiences under hypnosis. Show me a freakin picture inside an alien spacecraft or something physical someone managed to nick off of an unsuspecting alien when they were abducted. You’d think that of all the thousands of abductees, some supposedly multiple abductees, one of them would have swiped something as evidence of their ordeal or taken a sneaky pic! But no, there is NOTHING.

      5. Trevor, you really need to read up on the subject. No photos, especially in this day and age proves anything. Even if it was the inside of a UFO. If someone showed you a photo like that you could say it was a Hollywood set or some other prop.

        But when you see something with your own eyes, and you know you are smart enough to explain it, and can’t, then that leaves an impression on you. It really doesn’t matter if you can prove it to other people.

        With the vast numbers of reports that are not terrestrial explanations, or when people actually do see a physical object close to the ground surrounded by small (but not green) beings, what do you make of that? A terrestrial explanation? It doesn’t matter that these people don’t have photographs or have taken objects off the UFO. They had the experience. Saying they didn’t does not change anything.

        Also, if you read up on the subject, people have tried removing objects from UFOs when they have been abducted. They are prevented from doing so. The beings doing this have complete control over the people. Interestingly this also parallels old stories about people being abducted by faeries. Al the same elements are there, the missing or altered time line, and trying to take objects back and not being allowed to do so. I’m sure you don’t believe those old stories, but I have relatives that grew up in Ireland, and they actually saw some of this stuff with their own eyes. Once again, no “proof” but their own experiences. But they have no reason to lie.

        I don’t put a lot of credence on hypnotically retrieved testimony, as a lot of that has been unintentionally planted by the hypnotist. But there are many people who have had these experiences who have full recall. The stories often correlate to other people’s stories. Now you can claim cultural contamination, but many of these had either happened before the pop culture image of the “grays” and/or in other parts of the world. The excuse that it’s sleep paralysis is often not correct, because many of these people were not in their beds, and were driving cars or doing other activities.

        Saying it’s “little green men” is your way to be demeaning because you don’t believe this can be happening. You seem to be firmly a materialist when it comes to science. But science was always about exploring the unknown and learning what it is. You can’t start out by saying all these people are wrong based on how you feel about it, or on our current scientific knowledge. We sure don’t know everything yet.

      6. Ok… I’ve faced reality.. 5 year Navy aviation vet with 3 degrees in aeronautics and tech. I very well understand the speed of light distance problem. There is obviously some flaw with Einsteins theory…I don’t know the answer.. I jus know these things are showing up on Radar…I didnt speculate where they were from. U did.

      7. Is it that hard to debunk Einstein? “Einstein’s theory of special relativity, proposed in 1905, states that nothing in the universe can travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum.

        But researchers at the CERN lab near Geneva claim they have recorded neutrinos, a type of tiny particle, travelling faster than the barrier of 186,282 miles (299,792 kilometres) per second.”

      8. There’s another thing that breaks all laws of physics–a black hole. Once anything–including light–is pulled into it, the laws of physics go totally out the window. I won’t spend the time to explain it all here–it would take too long–but you can do the research yourself.

      9. The fact that time nearly stops when approaching the speed of light opens the universe to exploration, you just cant return from where you came. No breaking of Einsteins laws needed.

      10. Trevor, they are shutting down our Nukes. Whats the terrestrial explanation for the radar evidence? Respectfully it is U that must face reality

      11. U may know in the US court of law, witness testimony is one of the most common way to convict our accused.
        Yet when thousands of pilots (some being qualified to carry nukes), many astronauts and cosmonauts, governors, military, ect….witness saucer shape aircraft in our skies doing 50+g turns that would kill any human. And this same information shows up on radar… Not jus one radar.. FAA, Military, and civilian radars… Ground and Air radar hits with visual conformation.
        This witness testimony is ridiculed, ignored, and debunked but never investigated. (The US gov denies investigation of these reports)… Really?
        If u were commander of a nuke base site and a (ufo) (whatever it may be) shut off the nukes do u think this would be number 1 priority to figure out what has the tech to infiltrate our airspace and disable our weapons? I would love a terrestrial explanation. Or jus any explanation… But our govt’s response is ” no comment” … If there is nothing to hide then why classify 100,000+ pgs on something that does not exist?

      12. Also, respectfully u dont understand the physics of “aircraft” in our skies doing 20k miles/hr and changing direction in a 90 degree angle. Unless u believe that ground and airborne radars are a conspiracy theory also. 1 (g) on earth = the acceleration of 9.8 meters / sec ^2…… Your weight on Earth is your mass (times) 1 earth (g)…. Do u believe a human pilot could survive a what 400 g turn??? Even our aircraft would be torn to shreds… I’m convinced U havent looked at the evidence and/or U don’t understand the physics of what our instruments are picking up

      13. hmm ime sure scientists 100 years ago would think riding a rocket to the moon would be impossible too. planes that travel at supersonic speed ? crazy..

        lol even a spaceship traveling at over 33,000 miles an hour would have sounded proposterous back then. our tech is evolving fast and within the next 200 years i think humans will achieve FTL travel. to help you imagine how fast tech is evolving go off this…

        earth took 3 billion years to get to its current state
        it took humans 70 years to go from backpack telephones that you have to wind up. all the way to the iphone 4s with voice command and touch screen technology…. go figure

      14. hmm ime sure scientists 100 years ago would think riding a rocket to the moon would be impossible too. planes that travel at supersonic speed ? crazy..

        lol even a spaceship traveling at over 33,000 miles an hour would have sounded proposterous back then. our tech is evolving fast and within the next 200 years i think humans will achieve FTL travel. to help you imagine how fast tech is evolving go off this…

        earth took 3 billion years to get to its current state
        it took humans 70 years to go from backpack telephones that you have to wind up. all the way to the iphone 4s with voice command and touch screen technology…. go figure

  16. I would love to know if the US Gov had made first contact with aliens, it would answer a lot of questions. The trouble is what proof is there really about UFOs? Some claim pilots have witnessed them when airborne but with the traffic in the skys these days you would think that A more would report the sightings and B there would be more evidence in the guise of actual images , rather than the pixalated images we get subjected to.

    Personally I do subscribe to the Drake equation on alien life, but if they came here they would be so far technologically advanced why would they just confine themselves to govenments? Wouldnt they just wipe us out ,take what they need and leave? Of course if they are friendly ethical aliens then they may want to trade.

    It would be some cover up if the Gov could cover up a world wide phenomena such as the existence of aliens. If they did visit Im sure they do not just conifine themselves to the US so it would need to be a world wide agreement to cover up such an event and as Im sure everyone knows the more people that know a secret the less likey it will stay a secret

    Just food for thought

    1. Radar evidence is proof…. It can prove in a US court that u have been speeding… However radar evidence plus witness testimony isn’t sufficient for an investigation? Wonder why? Bc its already being investigated. Has been for a while

      1. That’s because the traffic police also have a bloody clear picture of your offending car’s registration number!

  17. The real problem is that the dopes pushing for “Disclosure” are self-seeking, uninformed fantasists who ignore – and in fact help to suppress – the only scientifically proven, still ONGOING UFO contact case, Billy Meier in Switzerland.

    The “Disclosure” people, especially the dopey “exopolitics” group, have yet to put ONE piece of evidence on the table that PROVES the “extraterrestrial presence”.

    Watch the FREE documentary on Meier at and get beyond the disinformation, prejudices, skeptical attacks, etc.

  18. The real problem is that the dopes pushing for “Disclosure” are self-seeking, uninformed fantasists who ignore – and in fact help to suppress – the only scientifically proven, still ONGOING UFO contact case, Billy Meier in Switzerland.

    The “Disclosure” people, including the dopey “exopolitics” group, have yet to put ONE piece of evidence on the table that PROVES the “extraterrestrial presence”.

    Watch the FREE documentary on Meier at and get beyond the disinformation, prejudices, skeptical attacks, etc.

    1. The Meier case has certainly been suppressed. There is so much misinformation on this topic. I’m sure many in the disclosure/ exopolitics group are pushing misinformation to confuse the public.

      1. We regret that we can’t answer all emails personally, or in a timely manner.
        New! You can now hear the Michael Horn Radio Show, anytime, internationally and on demand right here:

        If you have questions about the Meier material, join the FIGU forum and discuss your interests here:

        Billy also regularly answers questions here:

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        …please contact: [email protected] or call the phone number on the Products page at

        Thank you and enjoy!

        Michael Horn

      2. We regret that we can’t answer all emails personally, or in a timely manner.
        New! You can now hear the Michael Horn Radio Show, anytime, internationally and on demand right here:

        If you have questions about the Meier material, join the FIGU forum and discuss your interests here:

        Billy also regularly answers questions here:

        If you are writing about:

        A product order
        An interview on radio or TV
        A lecture, screening of the new films, etc.

        …please contact: [email protected] or call the phone number on the Products page at

        Thank you and enjoy!

        Michael Horn

      3. If you’re directing that at me the answer is no, I posted here because I’m in the unique position of representing the only authentic, still ongoing UFO case. You’re free to investigate all of the evidence, scientific information, etc. And you can also see the documentary we made, available online at my site…also for free.

        If you have a problem with that, well, that would be yours. As for the copy of my auto-responder…I guess you have all sorts of problems.

      4. You’re absolutely right. And the whole UFO topic has been made into an entertainment-disinformation industry, which is rapidly consumed by people. Oh well.

  19. Its amazing that everybody claims to KNOW if intelligent aliens are real or fake. What happened to the center and the scientific process? Why can’t people admit that there is evidence? Why can’t people admit that the evidence is not strong enough to come to a conclusion? The simple fact is that it is perfectly posible but not likely. There is no reason anybody has to DECIDE if they believe it or not. The people claiming its all fake are more annoying than the believers.

    1. The problem is, given the probability odds, it’s an infinitesimally small chance that out of the entire universe that A: life exists elsewhere; B: that life is intelligent; C: that life is advanced enough to have superior space travel; D: that it finds us and chooses to make contact. The numbers alone are so astronomical that any assertion that alien life has made contact with us should be regarded with the utmost skepticism.

      Honestly, you’ve got better odds betting on the return of Jesus than making contact with alien life. The universe is a vast, vast place and the chances that anyone is just casually cruising around the universe looking for intelligent life and snatching up cows, people, and making crop circles in the process are just too far-fetched.

      Not to mention snatching people up into their spacecraft operating rooms and experimenting on them, only to release them into the populace again. Unless we’re being radio tagged like animals, there’s not much motivation there on the aliens’ part.

      The fact is that most alien abduction stories and UFO sightings just read like bad fan-fiction, minus the part where Captain Kirk shows up as an ocelot or a fox, etc.

      As far as believing that life is out there? Yes, absolutely, given the infinite nature of the cosmos it’s almost guaranteed to exist. The reality is the high probably that it isn’t gallivanting around the galaxy.

      1. The problem is, given the probability odds, it’s an infinitesimally small chance that out of the entire universe that A: life exists elsewhere; B: that life is intelligent; C: that life is advanced enough to have superior space travel; D: that it finds us and chooses to make contact. The numbers alone are so astronomical that any assertion that alien life has made contact with us should be regarded with the utmost skepticism.

        Without any empirical data, it’s impossible to know, but given the size of the Universe, I strongly suspect that A: life does exists elsewhere, B: some of that life is intelligent, and C: at least some of those intelligent species are far more advanced than we are when it comes to space travel.

        If you forced me to guess, I would put the odds that there are millions of such advanced intelligent alien civilizations in the Universe today at very close to 100%. However, the big question is, are there any in our galaxy? Even if there are a billion highly intelligent species in the Universe, that’s still far fewer than one civilization per galaxy. The Universe could be teeming with intelligent life, and yet we might be the only example of it within 10 million light years.

        So, in the end, your conclusions are similar to mine — it’s just that the calculation employed was different.

      2. The funny thing to me is that everyone has to draw a conclusion. Maybe we could all practice saying “I don’t know”? Skeptics: Be more skeptical of yourself. How can you look at the infinity of space and claim that ANYTHING is likely/unlikely at all? You’re assuming that we basically understand all possible laws of biology, physics, etc. that could possibly arise in all the phenomena of space. We don’t even know what the frickin’ universe is. Ludicrous and logically unsound. Believers: There’s a lot of evidence something is going on, there’s little evidence as to what it is. You need to practice saying “I don’t know” also.

      3. I guess that, to me, it’s simply the argument of ‘infinite monkeys on infinite typewriters will one day recreate the works of Shakespeare,’ which is something that I don’t find particularly inspiring. While the law of averages says it’s bound to happen, the additional contingent that it happens within our lifetimes adds yet another variable into the equation that further marginalizes the chance that it has happened and the government is covering it up.

        The odds are better with winning the lottery, to be honest.

    2. It’s not a question of knowing what’s true, it’s about weighing the evidence and assessing probabilities. Not everything people claim has merit. There are thousands of Americans who make it their business to present evidence and make claims that Earth is only six thousand years old. Most of them believe it to be true with all their heart, and will tell you that the evidence supporting a young Earth and contradicting a 4.5 billion year old Earth is irrefutable.

      But almost anyone who knows anything about geology or planetary sciences and comes to the subject without the preconceived religious notion that an Iron Age religious text must be literally true as plainly read, will see this claim as complete nonsense — the odds that the young-Earth creationists are correct are vanishingly small, since the evidence that the Earth is far older than 6,000 years is overwhelmingly solid. Technically speaking, I guess you could say that there is the minutest of chances that they are right — one in a billion or less, maybe–but practically speaking one might as well say that you know that they are wrong.

      Do I know there has never been an alien civilization on Mars? No, but the evidence is virtually non-existent, and the evidence that those who make such claims are either deluding themselves or just making things up is far stronger. Thus, absent any new evidence that is far more solid and compelling than the stuff that’s already out there (e.g. “Phobos is a giant space ship”) then the only reasonable thing to do is dismiss the claims as nonsense.

      Life would be exceedingly tedious if we all had to go around avoiding making short, off-hand dismissals about things like young Earth creationism, alien abductions, psychic powers, ghosts, crop circles (non-man-made), ancient astronauts, dowsing, etc. and being compelled to write a short dissertation on why you don’t believe such claims are not worthy of serious consideration.

      Could all of these things be true? Sure. But if I had a millions dollars to spare, and there was a way to absolutely confirm or refute all of those claims I list, I would bet the whole million dollars on any one of them as being completely false. Yes, there would be a tiny chance I could lose, but I’d take that risk any day of the week, even if the payout was as low as $10,000. Easy money.

    3. — Its amazing that everybody claims to KNOW if intelligent aliens are real or fake.–

      I don’t think that people saying that the proof is fake or not good enough to have a valid claim, ever claimed that they KNOW it is fake. These people actually investigate the video clips. (Unless you have this typical kid that yells fake to feel cool)

      On the other had those believers that wants to believe, jump to hoops to prove that it is true, and then start with claims that are based on desolution or when you are on drugs.
      They have no clue what they see on that clip but they all know for 100% sure that these must be aliens, that come from the Pleiades and communicate through crop circles and anal probes. They all know that these strange little dots on their videos must be very intelligent super aliens, having warp drive and Tesla was an alien.
      In the camp of the believers you also find the most mental unstable people, that actually even fake proof, and promote proof that are already shot down big time.

      A long time ago I also followed anything related to UFO’s because that is so cool, but never did I promote it as being true like these nut-jobs do on Youtube. I talked about it, but I also stayed what the evidences and facts. If I saw a strange dot then that was a strange dot. Not some super Alien waiting with to kidnap me.

      Currently I have never seen any evidence that would proof that aliens exists.
      However have seen enormous evidence of insane and ignorant people even faking their claims. These people are the most dishonest people you can find but everyone believes their lies.

    4. It isn’t amazing at all that we can tell whether a government has evidence or not, that is a matter of record.

      As for knowing, that wasn’t what was said. “No credible evidence”, “odds … fairly high” and that we are searching.

      You can burn that strawman of yours as effigy is you want. That doesn’t mean believing in UFO isn’t a crackpot position.

      Of course any “evidence” so far is all fake, because closer examination has shown that it is … all faked. As expected. (See “No credible evidence”, “odds … fairly high” above.)

  20. No response will ever be acceptable to these people. Even the truth is unacceptable.

    Conspiracy theories, by their very nature, cannot be proven false. Any evidence against the conspiracy is simply part of the conspiracy.

    Its just circular logic.

    There simply is not a shred of quality, credible and testable evidence pointing towards Earth being visited by Aliens. And until there is, it will not be taken as truth by the majority of intelligent people.

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. In this case, there is not a single piece of extraordinary evidence to back up these extraordinary claims.

  21. the bible clearly says that in the end times space and everything that dwells in it shall be destroyed plus i prayed and got the answer and yes they real they species and far more intelligent and advanced they live lite yrs away from us they our neighbors they next to us sept it’ll take yrs to get to them

  22. “As expected it was written by a low level staffer from the Office of Science and Technology Policy – research assistant Phil Larson. The response was unacceptable.”

    Funny, seeing how such a low level question (besides the access to internal documents) could be answered by any “low level” scientist.

    I guess the crackpots are peeved that their question got the appropriate response instead of obeisance to their special pleading.

  23. LMAO–> “is about as clear as the data suggesting tat ghosts and spirits contact living people from the “beyond.” ”

    More “intellectual” arrogance from pompous scientists. Just because “you” haven’t experienced it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Plenty of scientific research has been done on this phenomena, you just reject the findings because it doesn’t fit your belief system.

    1. Please share any scientific studies that has been done that positively indicates that extraterrestrials have contacted humans, or visited earth.

      1. Hahahaha.

        If there has been scientific research, the information would have been known by all.

        Your suggestion that I watch YouTube videos is ridiculous. Even if I did that, it would not be an activity that constitutes scientific research by any means.

        My mind is quite open, I assure you.

        It is your mind that is closed. You want aliens to have visited Earth, and therefore you colour everything you encounter with subjectivity and you eschew the scientific method. There is simply no basis for your irrational belief system, and yet you cling to it with a close-mindedness that is very sad to behold.

      2. I see. So what do you think of a recently declassified NSA top secret document stating categorically that, because of all the reliable witness reports (military pilots and other personnel) and physical evidence, it would be harmful to the security of the USA to assume a position that UFOs containing intelligent beings with advanced technology visiting US airspace are figments of the imagination? They cited different civilizations on earth in the past that lost battles with other humans with advanced techonology because they refused to acknowledge they were being invaded by others with superior technology until it was too late.

        It may be comfortable to keep your head firmly buried in the sand but the NSA doesn’t recommend it.

        Start digging yourself out if you REALLY have an open mind. This stuff is pre-1980 and obtained via FOIA requests.

      3. These documents prove nothing at all. The are not physical evidence of anything.

        Reliable witnesses are very much not objective proof.

        You might as well believe everything in a religious textbook, just because many people say that the accounts are reliable.

        Your standard for proof will not even be considered in a court of law, because it is unsubstantiated hearsay.

      4. Ur mind is open but u refuse to look at evidence?

        “If there has been scientific research, the information would have been known by all.”

        Really? U think all research on all science is “known to all”…

      5. You completely misunderstand what having an open mind means.

        If there were ANY evidence at all, I would definitely consider it, and probably accept it.

        You have wasted an opportunity to tell me where the evidence it!

        Please tell me where the evidence is, so that I can look at it.

        Don’t deprive me of the opportunity of looking at your evidence by keeping it secret!

        PS: In case you’re still missing the point: some YouTube videos are definitely not scientific evidence, and therefore cannot be taken seriously.

      6. Most scientist work for corporations all others are discredited by our great and honorable main stream media!
        Example are Ponds and Flieshman discredited scientists and inventors of cold fusion which has now been proven beyond any doubt proves the point!
        MSM and the US government are as important as a bug trans-versing a crack in the pavement.
        It is important to wake up to the dis-info put forward by MSM and their partners: “The US Government”.
        Disclosure is already here if one listens to the Real News and not some drivel coming out of the “sock puppets” and the cheering section, MSM.
        Check into the “Disclosure Project for further info and also google “The Star Child” …..just the tip of the iceberg.

      7. Where _exactly_ does that report “positively indicate that extraterrestrials have contacted humans, or visited earth”?

        It is a fairly uncritical overview of several reports that comes to no particular conclusions other than “we could set up a systematic process to get more data”.

      8. I find it amusing that so many try and debunk UFO/aliens as fake or hoaxes, etc. and claim there is no “proof”. Yet demand scientific proof of their “god” that they put so much stock in, and they stumble around and just point to their “bible”, or claim you’re stupid or a spawn of the imaginary “devil”. Or worse yet, “I’ll pray for you to see the light!” Well, there goes all those years spent earning and using a Prof. in Astrophysics out the window!

      9. What does it matter that it’s an in-house report? What does any content of the document matter at all?

        It is not proof of anything. It’s just some PDF document made by who knows for whatever reason. There is no reason to suppose that document is any more true than the events reported on in Peter Pan.

      10. french Cometa report and also a report by Belgium jus for starters. Whats your definition of “positively indicates that extraterrestrials have contacted humans, or visited earth”.

      11. Don’t be facetious. There’s no need to try and have a little semantics discussion.

        I want to see an alien, or an alien spaceship, or a repeatable scientific test that conclusively proves that aliens have been here. It’s quite simple.

        Some third hand reports that are completely unsubstantiated amount to nothing. I can manufacture all kinds of reports about anything, but it would still mean absolutely nothing, and prove absolutely nothing, unless there is physical evidence.

        This is why anecdotal evidence is useless.

  24. I believe what they are telling me, just like I believe that the BP oil spill, and the Japanese power plant disaster just went away over night!

  25. Quote from article:

    “The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race,” said Phil Larson from the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy, on the White website. “In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.”

    Science has given us the premise of the Fermi Paradox which stresses the unique and lonely nature of life in our galaxy. According to this theory there may be only 50 or so inhabitable planets in the whole Milky Way existing on the same time frame as us, but the distances involved in reaching them are unfathomable and the technology necessary for us to attempt it is at least 1000 years away.

    Yet everyday we see and hear reports of UFOs in our skies and people encountering aliens of all sorts. Are people just having hysterical episodes or is there truth to their bizarre stories. Some very good You-Tube videos that can not be easily debunk show interesting and strange crafts that do not appear to be of human technology. So if these crafts are not extraterrestrial does that mean we humans perhaps share our earth with other more evolved species that are as terrestrial as us?

    1. I think they are referred to as the “skunk people”. There is also another race called “media doctors”.

    2. I think they are referred to as the “skunk people”. There is also another race called “media doctors”.

      1. I just checked out that report. It in no way says that UFOs are real, or that they are piloted by aliens, or that aliens have visited the Earth.

        If you think it does, you need to learn to read critically.

        It says that there are unexplained reports. It lists eight possible explanations, only one of which is “intelligent alien visitors”.

        It says further study is needed, and outlines what ought to be a good procedure for that.


        Period. Full stop.

      2. The only thing in full stop is your reading skills. I guess you missed the credible witness reports and discussion of them. I guess 45 pages was too large an amount for your “critical thinking” cherry picking skills so you dove for the recommendations.

        I hope that sand firmly burying your head feels comfortable.

    3. Yes, people are having hysterical episodes. They are taking something they can not personally identify or even measure and filling in the blanks with popular mythology.

  26. You, like many people, are simple regurgitating anecdotal accounts from an uncertain source. There is no truth to these claims of aliens at all.

  27. I don’t need WH confirmation to know what I know. I’ve seen one up close with my own 2 eyes and a witness. Their history is not quite forthright if you know what I mean! 🙂 lol

  28. The problem with government is that it -and so many of the players in it- lie repeatedly. Only a fool would believe a word it said.

  29. Well, we now have proof that there is no intelligent life in the White House.

    No wonder the ETs don’t bother to deal with those brain dead turkeys.

    It seems that OWS is not the only group that doesn’t think the White House represents a legitimate authority.

    1. whackjobs? i see people of obvious consciousness trying to understand why the government has denied and blatantly lied. even through its own official admission. for years they denied having any iota of inspection of the ufo phenomenon, then recently let out the foia files of the fbi, which surreptitiously did not only involve themselves with ufo just in the usa but world wide.that even in some cases have data and evidence they have withheld from public inspection. this is for real, this fact..they say no we dont even care about this stuff, it is empty, then, we get documents posted on the fbi website that demonstrate they have been following this stuff discriminatory for years. to not question this kind deceit, may qualify one as a ‘whatckjob’, to sit back and say, why they have lied openly to us.well that is a quality that pretty much removes the whackjob label. if i were to ask you now if you were a whackjob, then would you say yes?or that you are an easily lead mindless minion of the government’s inept ability to understand or fully acclimate a phenomenon that affects the whole race and species of the planet , even know you have the actual proof they have lied . this stupid rhetoric and abuse of yet another freedom of our people is simply a display as to why we should not listen to them, without an independent analysis of exactly everything they have.seems non whackjob to me, to say, hey they lied, after influencing the perception of generations of people, regarding the possibility of the contact, denying their interest,denying their gathering of data and in some cases denying their inability to solve the cases. all for you to see thanks to foia at the fbi website.(just the fact they have anything, including a roswell case, disproves any statement they made about them never being interested in it. which has been their official statement till now even (as you can see). their statement, we don’t want to cause panic, facilitated by, lying and deceiving the people.does that make any sense?..still who is the whackjob? the silver back or those that follow it?..these people are not whackjobs for questioning intuition. that is a human trait. i take no offense actually johnny, i just find it funny that you choose the wrong side to appear in control and on top. truly to be the one in control and on top would be the one that questions an authority that lies and contradicts its own statements.daily. to state there is no interest and evidence is to contradict even the recently released fbi document (at its own official website) regarding roswell. it means, they have interest, and have written evidence that involves the speculation of possible contact. it is therefore considered evidence and valid in the discussion. because, until it is reviewed and investigated by a civilian detachment. it remains biased. in other words, them saying that they studied it and it is not what it is said to be, remains as invalid as someone claiming that people wanting the opportunity to investigate this are whackjobs.

      1. no.. they are whackjobs.. they have little more then speculation, half truths, and mythology. They repeat lies all the damn time to support their belief, with their only evidence being ‘but other whackjobs also believe this, so it must be true!’

  30. There was an interesting statement made by the late head exorcist of the roman catholic church, who came out and said that alien visitation is real. he stated that, his religion, of which he was the head guy to deal with demons and otherworldly beings. was built largely on second hand testimony. the gospels and the main book are all second hand testimony that is taken as word of truth by its believers. he said that to deny this type of testimony is to rid the human race of one of the most important needs it has.
    i found this interesting. he is right, all the most strongly believed religions are pretty much based on second hand testimony. the people follow these with historically proven resolve. even to this day, in the background of most global conflict lays the precept of religious doctrine, which, is built on second hand testimony.
    i dont follow religion much, save the recognition that since the human race was self aware we were aware of other beings. this is ultimately true, all myths , all religions, monotheist and polytheist ,animistic and occult refer to the presence of beings beyond our precept of reality. it seems that the question of them being here was never really a matter of speculation as much as a question of how to contact. which is also historically laced through the thread of human history, Muslim, Joan of arc and even Socrates with the oracle of Delphi relating his fate, all claimed to have contact. it is prominent throughout our history, before we even were able to have a written language or was entirely the human race we are now. Neanderthal, prepared their dead for a land and its denizens beyond our grasp, the Egyptians not only talked about strange beings living and breeding with us, but also prepared their dead for this encounter.(simplified i know..but in general it is true). all these and so many more were built on second hand testimony. to, wager a truth as strong as the ultimate contact with an alien being of any type, it seems that second hand testimony was the most reliable and trusted form in all of history.
    it was not only interesting, to have the head exorcist of the catholic church come out and claim that aliens exist, but his statement to the effect which i paraphrased was equally sober and worth consideration. it remains unsatisfied in the governments denial. how to account for its only highly skilled and trained servicemen declaration of witnessed events, through first hand or second hand testimony. remains as valid as the ambiguous denial from lacking investigation.

  31. The Disclosure Project is very clear that many US deep black ops are involved with ET and the technology. The Day after Roswell by a military guy named Corso spells it out.It will come out as the ones in power are being foiled by off planet forces now. Look up “UFO diabled Nuclear missles” as this is well known. The nurse at Roswell was the only one to be able to communicate with the living being that survived, she wrote a book also to be distributed after she died. God there is so much. The military observer who wrote a book about the tall whites on a western military base he had interactions with also.

  32. The evidence is overwhelming actually and this response was just expected. as noted it was from a low level staffer who wouldn’t know anyway.

  33. Sorry about Kenneth Arnold, but whether he was an amateur or professional pilot is of little significance. Did he believe they were from another star system? And if so what makes his opinion so acceptable to you?

    I cannot possibly explain the military ‘close encounters’, nor can you. But I can tell you what a close encounter isn’t: a fast moving ‘vehicle’.

    To me at least…

    For me, a close encounter with an alien civilisation able to build a star ship woud have to be close up, something I could inspect, and not just a fleeting examination of some fast moving object.

    In fact, if I did see a fast moving object in the sky my first response would not be to simply conclude that it had travelled – at a decent portion of the speed of light, surely? – to reach me from another star system, but to ask: Is it really flying? Is it a vehicle? Is it simply a manmade technology under wraps? These would be my first questions. Though if I did have such a close encounter late at night I’d probably be running as I made them.

    Once it’s jumped through these hoops I would then have to ask myself if Einstein may have got his sums wrong.

    Let’s accept for the purposes of my argument that he was right, and the weight of the vehicle as it moved close to the speed of light did increase until it became so heavy it was impossible for it to travel does this mean visiting aliens do not exist? Well, no. An alien civilsation could be living close enough to make the journey without having to move at a significant portion of light speed; the Moon, Venus, Mars, and so on.

    Once I’d dismissed these as likely homes I’d then move on to the possibilty that a space vehicle could be parked somewhere in or just outside the Ort Cloud, or the space between Alpa Centauri.

    See what I’m saying? I’m doing Earth science.

    Doing the science I then move on to Proxima. Is it really tied to Alpha? or does it ever come really close to Earth? Is it, or one of its moons, home to a pretty intelligent civilisation that has managed to make the impossibly l-o-n-g journey between even our two star systems that are quite close in the galactic sense? Oh, and if so, why are their space vehices round? Of course I would come up with endless possibilities, but the one I would leave ’til last is that THEY ARE HERE and round flying saucers.

    Come to think of it though a truly advanced alien civilisation would probably arrive in an airplane.

    1. of remark jp, you demonstrate a method of removing plausible doubt first created by Descartes, who utilized it to answer a question as to whether or not a demon was bent on controlling him and destroying his existence. having done that he then felt the need to satisfy the religion of that time by using the same method to prove it’s god existed
      he created the scientific principle. which was first used by himself for those reasons. the very first application, to answer if a alien entity had control of him how would he know who he was.just an interesting aside don’t you think?

      1. Plausible doubt is after all only reasonable. And there’s nothing wrong with reason is there?

  34. Astronomers study the heavens. They are not set up to observe objects whizzing about in our atmosphere. However, In September 2009, Chinese scientists at the Purple Mountain Observatory reported that they’d filmed a UFO for 40 minutes during the July 22 solar eclipse. Observatory director Ji Hai-sheng said, “Currently manpower is being organized to deal with this data, complete the data analysis and reveal the scientific results and this will take at least one year’s time to finalize.”

    1. this is all we ever really asked for . the french with their cometa, should have been a standard.

  35. I’m pretty sure that even if the statement came from Obama himself, unless it said ‘Yes, here are the Aliens’ it would be dismissed as a coverup. There is little point in engaging with conspiracy theorists.

  36. The problem with UFO sightings, is that many people automatically assume that it must be aliens. I’ve seen “donuts on a rope” but they were being left by a 747. I’ve seen sudden flashes in the night sky, but they coincided with satellite positions. I’ve seen fast moving aircraft, but I leave near an Air Force base.

    I’ve also seen tons of video “evidence”. 85% of the time it’s suggestively edited, or simply faked. The rest of the time it’s explained as a mundane object, such as an advertising blimp, parachuting flares (resulting from military training exercises), Venus, or contrails. Anyone remember that “rocket launch” that made headlines a few months ago? Very rarely do we see genuine, un-tampered video that cannot be explained.

    There is a tendency for people who “want to believe” to ignore these explanations because they are not exiting enough. To add more excitement, they then figure that the government (who can’t balance a budget or get simple bills passed) has organized a massive coverup. Yet many of these people who believe that aliens can travel hundreds of light years and arrive at just the right time to see us, (despite time dilation and causality issues) believe the moon landings were faked, or that aliens built the pyramids.

    Gullible people are easy targets for con artists and “witnesses” who write books based on their “accounts”. The truth is boring, and aliens sell. The media loves to “report” on “sightings” but they never follow up on a story that is solved. The rocket over LA story is a great example. Despite the fact that it has been proven beyond all doubt that it was a contrail left by an airliner, there are some who believe it was an ICBM launch. The Norway spiral was another good one. It has been proven and demonstrated that it was a rocket in a spin, there are some who believe it is some kind of gateway to another dimension.

    Decades ago, people just *Knew* there was life on Venus. It was commonly held, even among many in the scientific community, that it must be a warm, tropical planet. We landed probes there, and discovered it is a dead, hellish world. Most people used to think Mars was inhabited, and could even see canals, but space missions have shown Mars to be dead, cold desert. It very likely had a warmer climate and even oceans long ago, but not enough to sustain biology beyond microorganisms (if even that). So no Venusians, and no Martians. They now supposedly come from Zeta 2 Reticuli. I guess Alpha Centauri was passed up in case we ever get a good look at that system.

    It’s fine to believe in alien life, and alien civilizations. But when it comes to them visiting us, I’m skeptical. I want actual proof, not suggestive claims or empty hype.

  37. What people do not realize is that the White House could be just as in the dark on this subject as the rest of us. Very few presidents are debriefed on above top secret matters. In other words, how can the White House disclose what it has no knowledge of? The petition was a useless endeavor that was doomed to failure.

    Next time, petition the JCS at the Pentagon. They probably know a lot more than any White House cabinet. Politicians come and go….Generals and Admirals are in it for the long run.

  38. If this was from a low level staffer then its to be expected .Unless he or she has above cosmic security clearance.Thats all they will publically state.Now lets get the White House to get someone with real information to go public.

  39. If you believe what the Government tells you does not exist then you know they know more then they are publically telling you.

  40. There are many ways to interpret this…the White House could be speaking truthfully ( for once) with whatever questions were put forth..but with the ongoing intent to deceive. The truth of the matter could be they DO know the origin of the UFO’s (and it isn’t “extraterrestrial”)..for case of argument the government could know they are instead extradimensional..or even from within the earth.. making their first statement truthful and if in fact they know the origin of the UFO, this means the UFO’s are not unidentified to THEM, thus making their second statement a factual one as well..”no UFO coverup”. In both instances the answers to the petitions questions would be truthful..the problem would be the people are asking the wrong questions..allowing the White House to weasel-word it’s way around the issue.

  41. As a retired Police Detective from the West Midlands UK, I would like to refute the statement made as above. After having conducted a resarch period of 15 years, into the question of the existence of UFO’s II have now published the first three Volumes of Haunted Skies whichcatalogue ona daily basis literally thousands of sightings of highly unsusal objects which from their overall performance and behaviour characteristics are not likelt to be man made. In fact these objects were even reported on in the 13th and 14th Century long before man was capable of flight. There isa vast difference between what the media spoonfeed us with as far as UFO documentaries go and the reality of what UFO’s are all about. I cant tell you what they are and where they come from, but they are here and have been for a considerable number of years.One thing is assured they wont go away! John Hanson.

  42. president obama, go blow smoke up somebody else’s ass, we all know that they have visited earth and are tampering with our nuclear missiles; read UFOS AND NUKES BY ROBERT L. HASTINGS.


  44. We are being visited. Fact. 25 years ago I witnessed a UFO and I guarantee it was not of this world. It paced three friends and I in my car for nearly 5 minutes before flying off into the distance. We could see it hovering several miles off, this was an extremely unnerving experience. After hovering for several minutes in the distance, the UFO shot off at an extremely high rate of speed. It was the classic silver, saucer shaped UFO, no visible windows, no sound, no light coming from it. Believe what you want, I have seen these things and they are not made by human hands.

  45. This article reminded me of a quote from Calvin and Hobbes.

    “I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.”

  46. This whole article and the comments I’m reading reminded me of a memorable line from Calvin and Hobbes.

    “I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.”

    Just some food for thought there.

    1. So logical.
      Here is an off take quote of my own:

      How could aliens be so smart to get here and so dumb to let us know? Here lies the paradox; a lack of evidence means they do or do not exist. Evidence means someone is playing a joke.

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