The GRAIL Mission in 3 Minutes

Just what will the GRAIL mission to the Moon do? Find out in just over 3 minutes with this new video about the mission. The launch of GRAIL is scheduled for Sept. 8, 2011 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

5 Replies to “The GRAIL Mission in 3 Minutes”

  1. There was a statement that the Moon has tides. They’d have to be very different tides than we’re familiar with on Earth since the Moon is locked and the Earth isn’t.

  2. I really like how they’ve tied this into education, with active participation by students. Good for science, good for raising NASA’s profile.

  3. An educational video until the very end where the lady from MIT makes her pitch for getting students interested in an “fun” career in Science and Engineering. The American aerospace industry including Boeing, Lockheed and Northrup-Grumman demand a steady flow of young, cheap talent to replace old faithful employees they periodically lay off!

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