Looking at Uranus

Article written: 26 Aug , 2011
Updated: 14 Jan , 2016

Go ahead, take a second for your mind to empty of all the bad puns about the title of this story. Then, watch this great video from YouTuber Thunderf00t. It’s an amazing timelapse video of the night sky, including images of Uranus and its moons.

7 Responses

  1. Anonymous says

    Good video, and good shot of Uranus, What was the scope Meade 14″?

  2. Anonymous says

    Great stuff

  3. Morbid says

    While the title reads normally, it feels “funny” when spoken.
    Read “Looking at Uranus” to your spouse/roommate/coworker a couple of times and note their reaction.
    Great video by the way 😉

  4. HeadAroundU says

    That’s nice. There are 3 moons moving together. Now I want Neptune.

  5. Bored of the Anus jokes now.

    Great footage, incredible that you can see the moons moving over the timelapse.

  6. Anonymous says

    It is amazing how you actually can see it move in a few hours of time.

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