Remembering Apollo 11: July 20, 1969

Those of a certain age can remember watching the footage of the Apollo 11 moonwalk live on television: the view was grainy, shadowy, and dark but it was from the Moon, which trumped everything else. Two years ago for the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11, NASA digitized and re-mastered the original footage, cleaning it up significantly. Here’s a brief montage from all the film that was cleaned up, put together by the Bad Astronomer.

7 Replies to “Remembering Apollo 11: July 20, 1969”

  1. and this week we just gave up on space and will pay the ruskies or chinese to take us up. WHAT A COUNTRY!!!

  2. What a week to kill our manned space program. Nice way to remember Apollo! Now we can be a sniviling banana republic and pay the russians to let us ride up with them………

  3. what moon walk? how funny we just found a new moon behind pluto with the hubbel but we cant take a new picture of our old moon base . and yet nasa decided to digitized and remastered old footage instead of taking new picture of our flag to say we were there! doesnt strike anyone funny that in the last 20 years we have advance in computer technology but yet no new moon photos how strange!

    1. What is strange, is that you are a creature of the 21st century and yet instead of using your brain and a tiny bit of Googling, you’ll trot out the same tired and thoroughly debunked nonsense.

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