More Dancing Plasma on the Sun

Here’s the reason for those auroras Tammy was talking about…The Solar Dynamics Observatory captures a beautiful filament eruption from the Sun in the early hours of May 17, 2011 which sent a cloud of plasma into space. This Coronal Mass Ejection was not aimed at Earth but it will likely interact with Earth’s magnetic field by the 19th, so be on the lookout for auroras. The second part of the video is from today, May 18, 2011 and shows some dancing plasma and more “plasma rain” similar to what we showed a last week. few days ago. The Sun’s gravity grabs and pulls the plasma back, even when it appears ready to travel off into space.

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  1. Probably a Silly Q: What time frame are the movies made in, is it real time or time lapse? If so how much?

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