Highlights of 2010 from the European Space Agency

It has been another great year in space, and the European Space Agency has put together a video highlight reel for 2010. They look at the achievements in different areas, including Earth Observation, Science, Human Spaceflight and Telecommunications. From the launch of Cryosat to the Planck sky scan, from Node 3 Cupola completing the ISS to Paolo Nespoli launching on the Soyuz to the ISS, from the Rosetta flyby of asteroid Lutetia to the launch of Hylas providing broadband for Europe.

4 Replies to “Highlights of 2010 from the European Space Agency”

  1. ESA, ESA, ESA… sounds like a sporting event. (Oh, that USA!!)

    All jokes aside, the balance between the US and ESA space programs shows us that there is plenty of room for all regarding space science. It is encouraging to see how cooperation between nations can contribute to our knowledge of the Earth and beyond.
    No doubt in each of these projects there were components created in many countries, including the good ‘ol US. No unfettered rivalry, just cooperation and good news.

    I do really appreciate the international picture being presented by the UT authors in recent times. Notch another one up here Nancy. As Brian said, “Keep it up!”


  2. Thank you for reporting about the ESA program, which gives hope that space exploration will continue in spite of the economic crisis. By the way, ESA has an interesting website, which I visit frequently, and I have additional fun from watching the different attitudes of American and European websites.

    Now, on the last day of 2010, I want to thank Universe Today, its editor Fraser Cain and its authors — especially my personal favorite Nancy Atkinson — for their great work. Talking about attitudes, for a European like me this is as much as when an American tells about being souuuh excited ;-).

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