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Tuesday (11/09) is Carl Sagan Day — a chance to remember the legacy of one of the great spokespersons for science. The folks over at the Kepler spacecraft website held an essay contest, inviting the public to submit writings inspired by the imagery that Sagan created in his allegory of The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean. (Regrettably, I didn’t write about this beforehand to give Universe Today readers a heads-up.) The essays — which also include guest essays by notables such as Jill Tartar and Seth Shostak — are now available to read, and are all well worth the trip over to the Kepler website, especially if Sagan had an impact on your thought processes (as he did on mine). I hope you’ll check it out.

By the way, I am currently attending a joint meeting of the National Association of Science Writers ad the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing at Yale University and thus will not have the opportunity to post many articles the next couple of days. But the rest of the UT team will work to keep you updated on the news. While here, I’ll have the chance to talk with some astronomers and cosmologists, and have already met a lot of great and wonderful writers.

3 Replies to “Sagan Day Essays”

  1. If or when the first Earth-analog planet is discovered and confirmed, it would be very cool if it could be named Sagan – A perfect homage to endure for all ages.

  2. Carl Sagan Day?

    Nice guy, good promoter of astronomy, but naming a day after him?

    Americans just promoting the usual bias BS!!

    Only thing worthy of celebrating on this day is Leif Ericson discovers “Vinland” in 1000AD I.e. America et. New England. (Bugger Columbus!) or how about Elvis and Priscilla Presley divorce?

  3. Great idea. Hope I live to at least see pictures of the planet Sagan. Carl Sagan has inspired the human race to raise its eyes and its ambitions from the mud of earth to the stars. Why statues and months of the year named after emperors and tyrants who squabbled over patches of land and puddles of water when men and women like Sagan deserve accolades for showing us the way to the vast resources in the sky? Name a planet after Sagan ? Yes . And then a spiral arm of the galaxy!

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