Explore the Solar System on Foot with New iPhone App

Article written: 26 Aug , 2010
Updated: 20 Jan , 2016

Another new iPhone app for astronomy, and this one, called SpaceWalking combines a 3D scale model of the Solar System with location-based data from GPS satellites to place a virtual scale model of the Solar System in your neighborhood to explore. For more info, check out the Spacewalking website. If you’re quick, follow the @SpaceWalkingApp on Twitter
for a special deal.

Also, I have two of these apps to give away. First two commentors who can answer this question correctly win: How far is Jupiter from the Sun?

Here’s a link to a 3D Solar System.

6 Responses

  1. r136 says

    At maximum 817 million km

    At minimum 741 million km

  2. armstrong87 says

    Jupiter is about 483,780,000 miles (778,570,000 kilometers), more than five times Earth’s distance

  3. Member
    rickc says

    However, Jupiter’s distance from the Sun today is 4.96 AU.

  4. aykayem says

    “On average, Jupiter is 779 million kilometers from the Sun, or 5.2 astronomical units”
    … it must be correct – I found it on YOUR website – LOL
    (probably the best place to go when one wants an answer to an astronomy related question!)
    … not that I am first second or even third person to get this answer I guess – the other 3 are probably also right (yes I think I remember reading something about Jupiter being a bit closer than it sometimes is … not sure what or where though … maybe the memory card in my brain is a bit full – I probably need to replace it with a newer, larger capacity model – LOL)

  5. Congrats to R136 and Armstrong87 for winning the SpaceWalking app!

  6. Member
    Buxtehude says

    Average 5.2 AU

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