Astronaut Demonstrates Gravity on Different Planetary Bodies

One of our favorite astronauts, Chris Hadfield from Canada, was recently part of the NEEMO-14 crew — NASA’s Extreme Environment Mission Operations — who spent two weeks in an underwater habitat simulating a long-duration space mission. The crew put together this great video showing what it would be like to walk and jump on the Moon, Mars and an asteroid. The “Aquanauts” and support divers are weighted down to simulate the different gravity. There’s also a jet pack demonstration, which the crew decided is needed for any future mission to an asteroid!

2 Replies to “Astronaut Demonstrates Gravity on Different Planetary Bodies”

  1. When I’m teaching introductory astronomy, I always show the Apollo 15 hammer and feather drop video

    This video by Hadfield and friends will now be joining that video in my classroom.

    Science – it’s not just some stuff in the textbook, it’s what really happens!

  2. Cool! I’d love to swim around and watch them work… Heck, even participate!

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