Awesome Image of ISS Transiting Moon

The NASA Image of the Day is a webpage that everyone should visit everyday, as there are always great images of our explorations of space and Earth. But this one has a wow factor that is off the charts. It was taken just minutes before space shuttle Discovery launched this past Monday on April 5, 2010, as the International Space Station flew across the face of the moon over Kennedy Space Center in Florida. I know people who were there who thought it was an poignant event, but here photographer Fernando Echeverria captures the event at just the right milimoment as the ISS reached the dark area on the Moon. Amazing, and such incredible detail, too! Click the image or this link to go to the NASA Image of the Day site where you can find larger versions — suitable for framing or desktops!

3 Replies to “Awesome Image of ISS Transiting Moon”

  1. At the second line:

    But is one has a wow factor…

    I think that you had meant to write “this”, not “is”.

  2. I took a similar picture (but much worse quality) on March 17th, from Pitt Meadows BC, Canada.

    I wasn’t aware the ISS was going to pass near the moon that night, spotted it just before, so I hadn’t planned for it, my results are not nearly as impressive, but its still fun to look at. In the large version you can see an indication of the ISS’s shape at the ends of it’s streak.

  3. I sat clueless like many others at the press site watching the ISS streaking across the sky and when I realized it was going to pass directly in front of the moon, it was too late to get the camera in position to get the shot.

    In part I was in awe of the event that just took place. Both the very visible ISS flying over head, but also the fact that a few moments later the shuttle was going to launch and chase it down. The other part was kicking myself for missing such a unique and rare photo op!

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