Watch Discovery’s Launch Video for STS-131

Another spectacular space shuttle launch, as space shuttle Discovery is now on her way to the International Space Station. Watch the video here. Ken Kremer and photographer Alan Walters were on the scene at Kennedy Space Center for this morning’s launch, so stay tuned for more from them.

5 Replies to “Watch Discovery’s Launch Video for STS-131”

  1. An interesting night launch to be sure! I noticed that 1:30 into the flight that the external fuel tank seemed to be ‘pulsating’ as the shuttle passed thru max. Q.. And did you notice that there seemed to be a lot of ice(?) falling away around the time of external tank separation? Lots of little ‘firefly’ sparkles in its wake… Since this was a night launch that effect may be more easily seen and therefore more common then usual?

  2. HelloBozos,

    You got some great footage of the fleecy, expanding exhaust plume following SRB separation (when the vehicle was illuminated by the yet-to-rise sun)! I’ve never seen anything quite like it, too. From Tampa, it appeared 10-15 degrees in length, 2-3 degrees in width. A ghostly apparition in the dark pre-dawn skies with a bright point of light embedded in its’ northernmost extension. ISS transit was icing on the cake. Some great footage of a memorable launch. Thanks for sharing.

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