Universe Puzzle No. 8

As with last week’s Universe Puzzle, something that cannot be answered by five minutes spent googling, a puzzle that requires you to cudgel your brains a bit, and do some lateral thinking. This is a puzzle on a “Universal” topic – astronomy and astronomers; space, satellites, missions, and astronauts; planets, moons, telescopes, and so on.

This puzzle is actually from Universe Today reader, Vino; thanks Vino!

What comes next in the sequence?

0.789, 0.854, 0.941

UPDATE: Answer has been posted below.


These are the periods, in days, of the transiting extrasolar planets so far discovered, in ascending order (source): WASP-19b, CoRoT-7b, WASP-18b, and WASP-12b.

Check back next week for another Universe Puzzle!

6 Replies to “Universe Puzzle No. 8”

  1. Is it something to do with Saturn’s Rings, where the answer is Ring E or D?

  2. Unless I find a better answer, this is my entry: the top three largest concentration of nitrogen in a solar system object. The numbers are represented as fractions of the volume of the atmosphere. 78.9 is most likely Earth; the other two are a toss-up between Titan and Triton, I suppose.

  3. Yep, if it is a purely mathematical sequence, then there are MANY possibiities for a 4th element.
    I’ll go with 1.05

  4. Gosh. That’s a bit too hard.

    I’ve been recently using what’s in my head – and this one just makes me look stupid – and I am not a novice when it comes to astronomy!

    Next time either Wiki and some web search might be in order, or just avoid the mathematical ones….

    I.e. Look for alternatives – try,
    “6) Indices of Capital Input by Industry (1995 – RIETI”
    “Averaged Park Factor Tables”

    By a few astronomy based are;
    “Research on the eclipsing system V366 Cyg.”
    “Deep CCD photometry in globular cluster. IX – M10”

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