ISS Astronaut Sends Twitpics of Chile Earthquake Aftermath

Astronaut Soichi Noguchi, (@Astro_Soichi) who has taken full advantage of being able to use Twitter live from the International Space Station, has been sending down a stream of images he has taken of Chile following the magnitude 8.8 earthquake that hit the country early Saturday. Just recently, he posted the above image, taken directly over Santiago. “Santiago, the capital city of Chile. One day after the Mega earthquake(M8.8) hit the country. We wish the earliest recovery,” Noguchi wrote on Twitter. He also took a video of the ISS astronaut’s view as they flew over Chile earlier today, below.

Here’s another image Noguchi took from the ISS, of the coastline of Chile, near Santiago.

Near Santiago, Chile. Coast line. Credit: Soichi Noguchi

And another, near Concepcion, Chile.

Coastline near Concepcion, Chile. Credit: Soichi Noguchi

For more images from space, follow @Astro_Soichi on Twitter.

2 Replies to “ISS Astronaut Sends Twitpics of Chile Earthquake Aftermath”

  1. Although this earthquake was further away from populated areas than in Haiti, this Chilean earthquake was ENORMOUS!!!!.
    I feel sorry for Chileans as I know over 1000 were killed by the shaking and the tsunami that hit Chile-the death toll will probably max at 2000 at most—-,better building codes makes the death toll much lower than Haiti.
    We have to remember back in 1995, Kobi,Japan was hit by a 7.2 quake centered a few Kilos under the city killing >6000.
    Such a quake ~7 is expected under the area near Oakland, California and will kill 5000-10000 people. In Chile, Japan, California, there are many buildings built before strict codes became enforced and will be the cause of most of the casualties.
    Most areas of the Earth will have quakes, for Europe, remember Lisbon 1755-if it happened before, it will eventually happen again!!!!!

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