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If you’re looking for some superb space and astronomy vodcasts, ESA has produced a series of informative video podcasts that explore our Universe as seen through the “eyes” of ESA’s fleet of science spacecraft. “The Science@ESA podcast series was started as part of an education and public outreach project for the International Year of Astronomy,” said Dr. Salim Ansari, from ESA’s Directorate of Science and Robotic Exploration, “but it will continue on past IYA, continuing to cover more missions and discoveries.”

The series is a high quality video podcast with HD graphics and stunning visuals. Ansari said the production all done in house.

“One of my favorites is actually the first podcast that shows how with our eyes we see just a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum,” Ansari said. “But we demonstrate how the different spacecraft can provide insight across the whole spectrum.”
ESA podcast screenshot.
Other podcasts delve into specifics of the electromagnetic spectrum that will be explored by the new Planck (microwave) and Herschel (infrared) spacecraft, to learning about the Gaia galaxy mapper mission that will determine the position of a billion stars.

A new 7th podcast will be released next week that introduces the solar system as seen by the Venus Express, Mars Express, Rosetta, Cassini-Huygens, SoHO and Cluster.

See the Science@ESA page for a complete list of podcasts.

5 Replies to “Explore the Universe with Science@ESA”

  1. She should have a Star Trek science uniform on!

    It might make the kids a bit more attached to the future and get them interested in science too.

    Space and science is about exploring and questioning. You might as well sell it too!

  2. Salacious, Star Trek uniform have an emblem. That clothing is not uniform. What I wonder is how ESA managed it to get in contact to us Europeans at all. :-O Something strange is going on in this Year of Astronomy.

  3. Funny, “Star Trek uniform” was the first thing I thought of when I saw her picture. =D

  4. @ Hans-Peter Dollhopf

    “Salacious, Star Trek uniform have an emblem”

    I did say “should have” !!

  5. Well, as always, there are different opinions. I really liked looking Star Trek on TV (including the movies on TV). But the older I get, the more I find the permanent involvement of the military disgusting. The most terrible thing was, when there was this catastrophy on the moon Praxis of the Klingon’s home planet. In a conference military people of the federation — *exclusively* military people — decided what to do: helping versus destroying the weak Klingon empire. For me this looked like a military dictatorship. From this very scene on I never again enjoyed Star Trek so much. Because of this, no Star Trek uniforms, please! And, by the way, ESA is European, and I am European.

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