A Stunning Look at “The Big Picture”

My friend Carolyn Collins Petersen, a.k.a. The Spacewriter, has just started a new gig with Astrocast.tv. She now has a regular monthly show called “The Astronomer’s Universe.” Her first episode aired today, and it features “The Big Picture,” an image from the Palomar-Quest digital sky survey. It shows the Virgo Cluster of galaxies, and is something akin to the Hubble Deep Field image. Carolyn’s webcast is a stunning and beautiful look at this amazing part of our night sky, and with wonderful background music and Carolyn’s great voice, (can’t find enough superlatives!) this is must-see TV! Thanks to Carolyn and Astrocast.tv for sharing the video.

For additional information: The Big Picture website, and Carolyn’s 365 Days of Astronomy podcast about The Big Picture.

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  1. Nancy, thanks for the heads up on Carolyn Peterson’s “The Big Picture” site. The video presented was a great primer on the Virgo Cluster and galaxy distribution in general. I especially liked the image if the CCD detector now used on the 1.2 meter Oschin Schmidt. I toured this telescope in the mid 70s when the telescope was still using 14 inch square glass photographic plates! The Palomar-Quest imaging survey of the heart of the Virgo cluster is indeed as detailed and stunning as the Hubble Deep Field. I’ve now added Ms Peterson’s site to my bookmarks and look forward to future installments.

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