Submit Your Questions for Scott Parazynski and Keith Cowing

Former astronaut Scott Parazynski is making an attempt to climb Mt. Everest, and has been sharing his adventures via Twitter, and his blog on As we reported in in our article about Parazynski in March, he wants to share his experiences with as many people as possible. Earlier today, his “media sherpa,” Keith Cowing from NASA joined Parazynski at base camp and both Cowing and Parazynski have agreed to take questions from readers of Universe Today and answer them during their time on Mt. Everest. Parazynski has been blogging and Twittering during his preparations for the climb, and he even wants to Twitter from the summit. “I want to tell the story of exploration here on Earth and the corollaries it has with space exploration,” Parazynski told Universe Today before he left for Kathmandu, Nepal. “The intent is to share the story with as many people as we can, particularly young people.”

So submit your questions in the comments section and we’ll relay them on. Questions can be about mountain climbing or space exploration.

For more information about check out Scott’s Twitter feed, and the OnOrbit blog, and you can even track Parazynski with his SPOT GPS locator system — which is kind of interesting to look at, as you can see how he has been going up and down the mountain the past couple of weeks to acclimate his body to higher elevation.

2 Replies to “Submit Your Questions for Scott Parazynski and Keith Cowing”

  1. Good onya champ! I’ve got nothing but admiration for anyone who can conquer an eight-thousander.

  2. I always wanted to be an astronaut myself and would LOVE to go into space.

    My question for Scott is: Did you see Mt. Everest from space? If so, is that when you decided to climb it, or have you wanted to climb it since before going into space?

    Best of luck to you!

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