In Their Own Words: Apollo Astronauts say “We Went to the Moon”


Someone approached me recently and wanted to ask about how the US faked going to the Moon back in the 1960’s and 70’s. I was so shocked, appalled and dumbfounded, I really didn’t know what to say. I just directed them to Phil Plait’s Moon Hoax Hoax info. Then I wondered, what do the Apollo astronauts say if someone asks them the same question? Now I know. I just finished watching “In the Shadow of the Moon,” a documentary of the Apollo era presented by Ron Howard, directed by David Sington (*correction). It’s a wonderful film with fantastic and rare footage along with interviews of several of the Apollo astronauts. I highly recommend it! And the end, as the credits are rolling, each of the astronauts responds to an unsaid question about the those who think this greatest adventure in human history was a hoax:

Mike Collins: “I don’t know how I would grab someone by the collar who didn’t believe and shake them and somehow change their mind.” And later Collins added, “I don’t know two Americans who could have a fantastic secret without one of them blurting it out to the press. Can you imagine thousands of people being able to keep this secret?”

Charlie Duke: “We’ve been to the moon nine times. If we faked it, why did we fake it nine times?”

Alan Bean: “Some of the tabloids are saying that we did this in a hanger in Arizona. Maybe that would have been a good idea!” (meaning, it would have been a lot safer)

Dave Scott: “Any significant event in history, somebody has had a conspiracy theory one way or the other about it.”

Gene Cernan: “Truth needs no defense. Nobody, nobody can ever take those footsteps that I made on the surface of the moon away from me.”

And Buzz Aldrin said this on a the UK TV show, “Where Are They Now:” “I’m an honest person. If I tell you I was on the moon and you choose not to believe it, forget it.”

The next time someone approaches me, I’ll be better prepared. And I can hardly wait for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter’s launch early next year. LRO will carry a powerful camera into low orbit over the Moon’s surface. While its primary mission is not to photograph old Apollo landing sites, it will probably photograph them, many times, providing the first recognizable images of Apollo relics since 1972.

The spacecraft’s high-resolution camera, the LROC, or Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera, has a resolution of about half a meter. That means that a half-meter square on the Moon’s surface would fill a single pixel in its digital images.

Apollo moon rovers are about 2 meters wide and 3 meters long. So in the LROC images, those abandoned vehicles will fill about 4 by 6 pixels.

Check out “In the Shadow of the Moon” website.

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  1. Actually, snapping photos of old Apollo landing sites could have a scientific value in itself: provided the orbiter’s camera is powerful enough you might be able to extract information about micrometeorite impact rates or other sources of lunar erosion from the old tracks.

  2. I don’t think the crews of Apollo need to prove themselves to the flat earth society. Its a stupid conspiracy theory.

    What fuels the conspiracy is the fact we have not returned after only landing 12 people.
    So, ultimately, the solution will be to land many more explorers. Making lunar operations as common tomorrow as LEO operations are today.

  3. And the point that these… People miss entirely is that, when all is said and done, it’s heir own fault that the missions were stopped when they were.

    They were stopped (AFAIK) because the American public lost intrest in them, because they became routine, run of the mill, every day occurences, to some extent I suspect it was taken for granted that we’d keep going back.

    But Congress stopped funding them because they weren’t popular anymore.

    Ask an average american two questions:

    How many times has the shuttle blown up?
    How many shuttle missions have there been?

    And I garauntee that most of the time, you will only ever get one correct answer.

  4. I believe in the United States of America. No matter what you gloom and doomers say and do, It will be Americans that will be the first persons to set foot on the Moon once again.

    I remember what it was like to be a 14 year old kid and seeing our astronauts taking their first steps on the Lunar surface.

    God Bless all those people that combined years of Blood Sweat and Tears to get that mission accomplished.

    I eagerly await the images of our patriotic astronauts landers on the Moon. That will put the stupid negativity to an end forever.

  5. Agreed. Perhaps the only real way of dispelling these rumours is to return to the Moon and visit one of the original landing sites. Another might be for independent proof. I would suggest instead of the LRO, just ask the current Indians or Chinese orbiting satellites to closely image the landing area for the remains of the mission. With the imaging technology available it should be a cinch to see some evidence of human visitation.
    I also think that the cancellation of the Apollo mission was a more mistake of the U.S. Government. They should have sold more far more on the commercial and resource exploration of the Moon – for a boost to the American economy. If lunar bases were to have existed in the 1980’s, our world today would have been a different place. (Instead, the U.S. Government wasted too much on earthbound resources on unnecessary wars and in boosting their military hardware.)
    Perhaps for me the saddest thing was the three cancelled missions. I also remember at the time looking forward then being greatly disappoint not seeing the scheduled Apollo 20 ( cancelled on 4th January 1970), which was to land in the middle of the crater Tycho or Copernicus – now that would have been mind-blowing if you ask me.

  6. One thing we are forgetting about the moon shots is that the chief motivation for going there and hence its funding source was our rivalry with the USSR. Sputnik scared the heck out alot of people in the U.S. and this was the overwhelming repsonse. Once the Soviet threat diminished and then died this motivation went with it. Wise leadership would recognize that any major investment in scientific and explorative initatives pays back far more than is put into it with regards to long term economic benefits. If this principle were fully realized, we would have invested more in the space program and gotten better scientific and technologic returns. Unfortuantely leadership in the U.S. in the time period in question has been anything but wise. The space program, scientific research and infrastructure development have all been allowed to stagnate while vast amounts of dollars have been allowed to be thrown into an abyss of debt and bad trade deals. Hoepfully the U.S. will get back on the right track before the economy hopelessly disintegrates and it can no longer afford to invest in manned space exploration.

  7. Salacious B. Crumb has it right — the three cancelled missions WERE ALL PAID FOR, the hardware was all built. The only cost was to mission operations (the guys in mission control). The benefits of these super-J missions would be enormous, and may have included one or more missions on the far side of the moon.

    Of greater tragedy was the cancellation of the Saturn assembly line. Our tragic detour to he flawed and limited Shuttle, its billions in development cost would have bought a lot of SaturnV launchers, and would have retained our ability to fly anywhere, anytime.

    Detailed augmentation designs for the SaturnV are out there for anyone to see — reusable SRBs, stretched stages, reusability designed in. What a shame.

  8. Wasn’t the first phase of approach already completely exhausted with Mission #17? The enabling technologies for a second and long-term approach foremost had to be developed within the scope of the overall technological progress of mankind.

    Today our species owns so many more advanced or completely different technologies than the mankind of the 1970th. Our knowledge base has so incredibly increased. I believe that in the 1970th we could not reach more than a view hours of stay. Everything else would have been disillusioning. But this forty years later we know so much more. In 1981, a decade after Apollo 17, the first IBM-PC was useable for everybody. The century of cell phones started in the 1980th. Since then everybody has a “Beam me up, Scotty!” device of his own! Compare the gigabytes of random access storage on a single private PC today with the possibilities of the governmental magnetic tapes of the Apollo Age. The speed of CPUs is increased by a thousend times since then. We even have the outlook of a shield device which can generate a small-scale magnetosphere around deep space vehicles (see the article “Ion Shield for Interplanetary Spaceships Now a Reality” on this website).

    Something grew up during the last 40 years. Incredible possibilities. The time has come for a second approach. And the time was worth waiting! The time was used very well.

  9. great comments. i think i like mike collins’ reply best. it’s one that i’ve often used.

    let them have their theories. it’s just a matter of time until the evidence is either confirmed or disproven.

  10. If anyone out there is looking for more info on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and its ability to photograph the landers, check out this article from Tuesday, November 27, 2007 that covers many aspects of the Moon Landing Hoax and photographic debunking of this myth.
    A Question of Evidence

  11. Meh. Conspiracy nuts will cling to their theories no matter what evidence comes their way. Even when LROC snaps solid pictures of lunar landing sites, they’ll just say A) NASA’s had nearly forty years to plant hardware via unmanned missions or B) those pictures are fake and part of the conspiracy too. Even you flew THEM to the Moon to show them the sites, they’d probably still claim A.

    The only way is to somehow convince them that they’re being complete morons.

  12. Macellus says “I believe in the United States of America ”
    However, I, like some others, certainly don’t.
    Sadly, experience says the exact opposite for most of us non-U.S, citizens in the world. I.e. Economy, GeorgeW, gross parochialism, etc.
    In reality, I think the next humans to land of the moon will be the Chinese. (and they also don’t need God to bless them.)
    Seriously, International co-operation is the key to the future. Our planet is the only place of 6.6 billion (6600 million) of humanity – not merely 305.6 million elitists.

  13. Most people still believe the Earth is flat. Most don’t care what’s out on outer space ~ still stuck on the old traditions.

    Most people don’t appreciate that there are probes on Mars or on Jupiter/Saturn and that photos and videos were taken and new discoveries were made.

    We can’t blame the ignorant of course. Different things pleases different types of people. Igonarance is bliss.

  14. Future space exploration policies should not be influenced in any way by a desire to prove the sceptics wrong.

    The irony is that people who deny the moon landings are often the same ones who belive in Roswell autopsies and alien UFO’s.

    These people are a lost cause – incapable of seeing the truth when it stares them in the face. They’re best left to wallow in their own delusions.

  15. “and they also don’t need God to bless them”

    Jeez, can we have a discussion once in awhile without the anti-religious bigots popping out of their holes.

    It’s unreal. The man says “God bless all”, a simple plea for good things to happen to others and someone has to express their sarcastic disdain for what is a beautiful sentiment.

  16. Here’s my standard answer: “I wish I knew! It all looked so real, didn’t it? Musta been Hollywood or something”.

    It’s just a simpler way to handle it, that’s all, realizing that you cannot change the view of a fool.

  17. Do the moon hoaxers believe all the probes we’ve been sending up there have actually gotten to the moon, or is there some theory on that, too?

  18. Will any of the lunar spacecraft from Japan, China, and India have enough resolution to actually see some of the stuff left at the 6 Apollo landing sites? Such imapes would end the hoax nonsense once and for all!

  19. Non-trivial correction: the movie was directed by David Sington. Ron Howard was just the presenter and had nothing to do with producing the movie.

  20. “Charlie Duke: “We’ve been to the moon nine times. If we faked it, why did we fake it nine times?”

    And more importantly, why fake the one failure? (Apollo 13)

    “They were stopped (AFAIK) because the American public lost intrest in them, because they became routine, run of the mill, every day occurences, to some extent I suspect it was taken for granted that we’d keep going back.

    But Congress stopped funding them because they weren’t popular anymore.”

    Trippy, you are absolutely, positively, totally correct.

    Not ‘too hard,’ not ‘radiation,’ not any of the other conspiracy excuses. It was a loss of support., no more willingness to fund continued manned Lunar exploration, after getting there both ahead of the Soviets and before the end of the decade. Nothing more, nothing less than that.

  21. In a way I don’t begrudge conspiracy theorist that simply can’t wrap their minds around the fact that we traveled to the moon. For crying out loud *we Traveled to the Moon*! It is truly incredible. Possibly the single greatest technological feat in the history of Man Kind. Of Course people aren’t going to believe it. It’s seems impossible.

    Ohh and to Redneck Wonderland, I normally don’t care to feed Forum Trolls, but you seem desperate for attention and I’m afraid your ego might implode if everyone neglects you. If you want to throw aside God feel free, personally if I were traveling into space on board a million tons of fuel that’s burning at one end, I’d want *every* ally I could find.

    You tell me there is no God and Demand Proof of his Existence, I assume you Don’t Believe in Aliens Either since there is no “Proof” of their existence. For my part, I have FAITH that we are not Alone in the Universe. I Believe in Both.

  22. People believed so much in their government after WWII – it was a great shock to have to learn that first, LBJ and then Nixon would lie to us all and ever today, as a matter of course. NASA gets so much undeserved heat because of this. I think people forget the passion and idealism that NASA had in the 60’s and 70’s and that even the evils of LBJ and Nixon had little to do with them.

    But I would not call the Apollo doubters stupid. Just misinformed or maybe ignorant of the history of the Apollo program.

  23. Whoops. Sorry.
    When I wrote “and they also don’t need God to bless them.”
    I really meant “and they also do need God to bless them”

  24. I wonder then if the American public will start complaining about NASA’s funding when the Indians and Chinese start landing people on the moon.

    Will the money suddenly appear?

  25. C’mon – if you want to dream up a conspiracy, use a cool one. How about Surveyor III contained an alien microbe life-detection experiment, which succeeded and was retrieved by Apollo 12 and returned to earth November 24th, 1969…..which served as the final straw for a global ban on Germ Warfare, a ban which the president announced on November 25th, 1969.

    Oh wait, that last part really happened…..

  26. Or how about a Nobel scientist developing a theory a centurty ago which describes how microbial spores spread from planet to planet ….a theory that gets more ridiculed with every confirming fact.

    Oh wait, that really happened too. His name is Dr. Svante Arrhenius.

  27. Or how about the chief scientists of the biology experiments of Viking, concluding from 2 ambiguous results of the life detection experiments on Mars, that “it is now virtually certain that the earth is the only life-bearing planet in our region of the galaxy.”

    Oh wait, that happened too. “To Utopia and Back”, page 146

  28. I am proud that Scott and his family were in the early 60`s my neighbours in De Bilt in Holland, where he was a fighterpilot on the army base Soesterberg and that he visit the moon.

  29. Seems the life was not so fun for US gov. that 1969 year:

    * January 5 – The Soviet Union launches Venera 5 toward Venus.
    * January 10 – The Soviet Union launches Venera 6 toward Venus.
    * January 15 – The Soviet Union launches Soyuz 5.
    * January 20 – Lyndon Baines Johnson leaves office as Richard Milhous Nixon is sworn in as the 37th President of the United States of America.
    * February 24 – The Mariner 6 Mars probe is launched.
    * March 3 – Apollo program: NASA launches Apollo 9 (James McDivitt, David Scott, Rusty Schweickart) to test the lunar module.
    * March 13 – Apollo program: Apollo 9 returns safely to Earth after testing the Lunar Module.
    * May 16 – Venera program: Venera 5, a Soviet spaceprobe, lands on Venus.
    * May 17 – Venera program: Soviet probe Venera 6 begins to descend into Venus’ atmosphere, sending back atmospheric data before being crushed by pressure.
    * May 18 – Apollo program: Apollo 10 (Tom Stafford, Gene Cernan, John Young) is launched, on the full dress-rehearsal for the Moon landing.
    * May 20 – United States National Guard helicopters spray skin-stinging powder on anti-war protesters in California.
    * May 22 – Apollo program: Apollo 10’s lunar module flies to within 15,400 m of the Moon’s surface.
    * May 26 – Apollo program: Apollo 10 returns to Earth, after a successful 8-day test of all the components needed for the upcoming first manned Moon landing.
    * June 8 – U.S. President Richard Nixon and South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu meet at Midway Island. Nixon announces that 25,000 U.S. troops will be withdrawn by September.
    * June 18–22 – The National Convention of the Students for a Democratic Society, held in Chicago, collapses, and the Weatherman faction seizes control of the SDS National Office. Thereafter, any activity run from the National Office or bearing the name of SDS is Weatherman-controlled.
    * June 28 – The Stonewall riots in New York City mark the start of the modern gay rights movement in the U.S.
    * July 8 – Vietnam War: The very first U.S. troop withdrawals are made.
    * July 16 – Apollo program: Apollo 11 (Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins) lifts off toward the first landing on the Moon.
    * July 20 – Apollo program: The Eagle lands on the lunar surface. The world watches in awe as Neil Armstrong takes his historic first steps on the moon.

    Wasn’t the main reason for the moon landing and subsequent cancellation of the program Apollo, that it was there to divert people’s from the Vietnam war, Soviet successes and civil unrest?

    When this goal was achieved, was there any need to send further astronauts playing circus for US TV and unfortunately doing nearly no science and neither helping on US strategic issues while costing $ 2 billion per year.

  30. Jean-Pierre,

    the events you listed occurred after JFK inaugurated the American moon program in 1961. So my answer to your question is a clear ‘no’.

  31. me again

    In the contrary, I guess that despite the throwbacks in Southeast Asia and at the front of the public opinion at home the Apollo program gave the decisive technological stimuli for the West to overwhelm communism at the technological front.

    As I said above, the moon program could not have been introduced in 1961 to detract from political events in 1969 (JFK was no soothsayer). But the program had an impact on the east-west conflict which became obvious in the era of Ronald Reagan, when the eastern empire broke apart.

  32. Jean-Pierre, IMO answer to your question is a definite ‘yes’, but it is also based directly from on the economy of the time.
    I think 1969 became the final pinnacle before the significant economic decline. Over the next ten to fifteen years saw expensive wars, escalating prices, diminishing real growth, more government manipulation and control, increased taxation, and massive and persistent inflation. With the recession during 1969/70, economics began limiting the overall agenda. For NASA their rising dreams were to be shattered – dreams of moon bases and Mars manned missions were simply shelved.
    Also for the space program the reduction was more than 50%; reducing from $5 billion dollars in 1969, down to $2.2 billion dollars in 1974. Staff at NASA in eight years went from +10,000 in 1969 to 3,400 in 1977.The economic times also began eating at many government projects, some programmes were either scaled-down or axed altogther .
    Measures by Nixon and the U.S> Government also tried to end the inflationary trends by temporarily freezing wages and prices beginning in August 1971. This had immediate negative effects like increase in medical care (13%), interest rates and inflation, which keep rising into the 1980’s.
    Something has to be cut and it was the extended Apollo program – where the already constructed spacecraft was diverted to Skylab. This keep America momentum going in the space race and at the same time reduced the expense cost to the America taxpayer. This gave the time to develop new directions in space exploration – leading to the Space Shuttle in 1978.
    As to social unrest and the Vietnam war – it clearly didn’t help the overall optimism.
    As I clearly said before,
    “I also think that the cancellation of the Apollo mission was a more mistake of the U.S. Government. They should have sold more far more on the commercial and resource exploration of the Moon – for a boost to the American economy. If lunar bases were to have existed in the 1980’s, our world today would have been a different place.”

  33. Unfortunately you have to pay some attention to these conspiracy theory nuts since they are desperate to spread their contaigon of ignorance to all other ignorant people who will listen. If enough people are convinced their irrational babble is actually correct, they can cause problems such as calling their Congresspeople and lobbying against scientific and NASA initiatives. Ignoring them is akin in a small way to just ignoring Hitler circa 1938. The cult-like paranoia movements just cannot be allowed to march unchecked by the legitamate authorities.

  34. Greg,
    You are clear not an American or understand the American ethos, as the U.S. constitution allows “freedom of speech.” Regardless of “conspiracy theory nuts” “ignorance” or “irrational babble”, they are entitled of to their opinion.
    For arguments sake, whilst there is no doubt humankind went and landed on the Moon, where is the direct evidence that this actually happen? We saw the rocket being launched with astronauts and we saw them return, but we didn’t see directly evidence of what happened between those two events. Scientifically, we only have evidence from what NASA presented to us via television and telemetry. The hypothesis that we DID NOT go to the moon is very unlikely but it is still plausible. Where is the independent supporting physical evidence or should we instead take the matter on faith?
    To argue as you have also places you as well under the “conspiracy theory nuts” “cult-like paranoia movements.” Suggesting “irrational babble” can lead to “lobbying against scientific and NASA initiatives” is both unfounded and irrational in itself. As to the very silly “Hitler circa 1938” remark, and is almost offensive, as most “moon hoax” theorists are dabbling in a bit of fun.
    Although when it come to the rest of the world, the majority of Americans are seen to annoyingly suffer from gross parochialism at times, they do strongly adhere to others being able to have and express contrary or differing views. In this respect this is very unlike Adolph Hitler in 1938 (and the rest of the war) suppressed all dissent exterminating Jews, the disabled and political or cultural rivals who just didn’t match his own distorted world view.
    So regardless, people are to entitled to their opinion however ignorant or ill-informed. Such is the nature of democracy.

  35. Itz funny. I saw a Youtube video where a fellow tried to get several of the Apollo astronauts to swear on a Bible that they walked on the moon.

    None of them would.

    Makes you wonder.

  36. By all means allow the conspiracy nuts their say but direct them to their own sites and not clog up serious science discussion sites. If anybody is interested I’m having a real ding-dong with some fools over on the 4th October thread regarding the non-geomagnetic reversal story. Should anyone wish to get involved please lend a hand.

  37. The way to disprove it is to get a man walking on the moon again. I doubt that will happen any time soon.

  38. Is the flag still there? Or did they take the flag when they left? if the flag is still there, can’t one of the many satellites orbiting the moon now, just take a picture of it?

  39. “whilst there is no doubt humankind went and landed on the Moon, where is the direct evidence that this actually happen?”

    I don’t know about you, but it’s kinda hard to get evidence that is anymore direct than shooting video of Americans landing, walking, and driving on the moon.

    I guess the only other thing I can think of is if someong actually got samples of lunar regolith and brought it back with them….wait a sec….

  40. CSanford,
    You just missed my point. Video or telemetry can be doctored or manipulated. Moon rocks could be made or found here on Earth. I.e. Although unlikely, it could have been staged or faked
    If you wish to present scientific proof of some experiment or event it must be both reproducible and verifiable.
    It is like Edmon Hillary climbing mount Everest. We only had his word (and the his Tibetan companion, Tenzing Nogay) that he reached the summit on the 29th May 1953. He claim was proven once Swiss Jürg Marmet made it to the summit in 1956, as Hillary had buried some sweets (lollies) in the snow which Marmet found. The same issue was faced when it was claimed that George Mallory reached the summit in 1924, and died on the way down (his body found in 1999.) Due to this, Hillary decided to left evidence of his successful ascent – the sweets.
    Again, no doubt mankind did land on the moon, but the hypothesis is valid only if flaws or differences can be explained. Moon hoaxers do have a point though – man landing on the Moon has no verifiable independent evidence.
    Until we show such proof, speculations and moon hoaxes will continue.

  41. Salacious B. Crumb,

    to say that the reason for landing on the moon in 1969 was “to divert people’s from the Vietnam war, Soviet successes and civil unrest” is just ANOTHER conspiracy theory (CT)!

    As already mentioned here it makes no sense at all, because the order to land on the moon was given by JFK in 1961. And nobody could know at that time what problems America would have to deal with in 1969.

    But what about that: if one was crazzy enough he could combine both CTs and claim that the landing was (a) faked to (b) “divert people’s from the Vietnam war, Soviet successes and civil unrest”. ;))

    I guess that the insight of Redneck Wonderland reasonably explains the core problem of the whole hoax grap.

  42. The Discovery Networks show – Mythbusters recently did an episode debunking the conspiracy theories widely held on the internet. The episode was called – “NASA Moon Landing.” You can also watch it on YouTube.

  43. There have been some questions regarding imaging the landing sites remotely:

    I recall that Chandrayaan-1, which India just placed around the moon two days ago, will have a resolution of 5 meters, the highest of any of the currently operating satellites operating in lunar orbit right now. NASA’s LRO, due for launch in April, is to have 1 meter resolution.

    Kaguya, Japan’s orbiter, has a 10-meter resolution, and has created images in 2D and 3 D of several of the Apollo sites. The data has been used to reproduce the detailed perspective of the mountains visible in the Apollo 15 panoramic images of Hadley Rille. While hardware can’t be seen at this level of detail, discoloration created by the LM blast is hinted at in some of the multi-spectral views. Take a look at JAXA’s excellent Kaguya image gallery at

    The only orbital images that I know of that shows Lunar Modules and Rovers were taken by the mapping cameras in the Service Modules of Apollos 15, 16 and 17, which had 1 meter resolution.

    Amateur and professional astronomers, many of whom had no connection to NASA, were able to visually and with video, follow the Apollo spacecraft nearly to the moon (until the glare of the moon itself was too much to contend with). Look through the pages of Sky and Telescope magazine in 1970 to read the eyewitness accounts by amateur astronomers seeing the Apollo 13 explosion.

    Anthony Cook
    Astronomical Observer
    Griffith Observatory

  44. Dollhopf,
    Thanks for your recent response.
    I would like to point out that not me but Jean-Pierre stated this in the post of : November 9th, 2008 at 10:37 am.
    Hence your assertion that “”Salacious B. Crumb, to say that the reason for landing on the moon in 1969 was “to divert people’s from the Vietnam war, Soviet successes and civil unrest” is just ANOTHER conspiracy theory (CT)!” is incorrect.
    Furthermore the actual quote from Jean-Pierre was;
    “Wasn’t the main reason for the moon landing and subsequent cancellation of the program Apollo, that it was there to divert people’s from the Vietnam war, Soviet successes and civil unrest?”
    My general comment of support of this was as an interpretation was the American drop in interest in the Apollo programme was partly due to such diversionary factors. On and after 1969 these social changes were profound on the American psyche, causing changes in the priorities of the U.S. However, I think, however, I more asserted that the main problem was to do with economic factors.

  45. dimedr:

    To respond to your question: why can you see wires on the astronauts backs in tons of the Nasa videos on their site?

    Ummm…gee, to hang them up over a wall-sized Moon poster so it can LOOK LIKE they’re walking on the moon…? Oh GEEZ, THOSE people again?

    Hey–that’s why we WALKED ON THE MOON. With our BIG FAT FOOTSTEPS–OK?
    Oh wait–right! I forgot–we sent one of those shoe-walking machines to the moon in a rocket–the door opened–ANOTHER shoe (with no one inside it of course) kicked the shoe-walker to the lunar surface–where it then proceeded to ‘walk’ and ‘leave proof’ that Man had not only landed–but actually walked–(not to mention, played golf!) on the Moon!

    Let’s see how fast the NeoCONS latch on to that one. They never get over it, how Mankind’s signature achievement came through the greatest Liberal Administration since that of FDR–that of Kennedy/Johnson–instead of their own disgusting reactionary selves, that can only destroy whatever they touch..

    Wires sticking up from the astronaut’s backs? Hmmm…maybe to BOOST THE RADIO SIGNALS TO THEIR COM DEVICES??? (Hard to broadcast WITHOUT A DIRECTION, OR CAPTURE DEVICE LIKE AN ANTENNA–!)

    Oh LOL, you people are hysterical. Or would be, if you weren’t so sick out of your minds with pure jealousy…

  46. I’m not very cofident that we went to the moon.
    Check out wiki for moon hoax theory. It sounds interesting. These hoax theories are like 9/11 conspiracy theories – possible but lack public support.

  47. Also check out Mythbusters (Season 7) on wiki.
    Some NASA images seem to be fake.
    Inspite of these i still feel we made to the moon – atleast once if not 9 times. That’s good enough for national n human pride.

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