Weekly Space Hangout – Jan. 29, 2016: Largest Solar System, Future Missions, and Remembering Our Lost Astronauts

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain)

Carolyn Collins Petersen (thespacewriter.com / space.about.com / @spacewriter )
Morgan Rehnberg (cosmicchatter.org / @MorganRehnberg )
Kimberly Cartier (@AstroKimCartier )
Dave Dickinson (www.astroguyz.com / @astroguyz)
Jolene Creighton (fromquarkstoquasars.com / @futurism)
Paul Sutter (pmsutter.com / @PaulMattSutter)

Their stories this week:
Largest solar system

Elon Musk and the quest for Mars (plans for manned mission by 2025)

This Week in Bezos

Twelve years on Mars for Opportunity

Remembrance Stories of Apollo 1 and Challenger

Hunting for planets around Proxima Centauri

Hubble Sees Monstrous Cloud Boomerang Back to our Galaxy

Making New Stars By ‘Adopting’ Stray Cosmic Gases

Work begins on NASA’s other telescope, WFIRST

Telescopes team up to produce highest-resolution astronomical image

We’ve had an abundance of news stories for the past few months, and not enough time to get to them all. So we’ve started a new system. Instead of adding all of the stories to the spreadsheet each week, we are now using a tool called Trello to submit and vote on stories we would like to see covered each week, and then Fraser will be selecting the stories from there. Here is the link to the Trello WSH page (http://bit.ly/WSHVote), which you can see without logging in. If you’d like to vote, just create a login and help us decide what to cover!

We record the Weekly Space Hangout every Friday at 12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern. You can watch us live on Google+, Universe Today, or the Universe Today YouTube page.

You can also join in the discussion between episodes over at our Weekly Space Hangout Crew group in G+!

One Reply to “Weekly Space Hangout – Jan. 29, 2016: Largest Solar System, Future Missions, and Remembering Our Lost Astronauts”

  1. The stars in this show are really beginning to shine! Good job you guys! Crutches and all… ARGH! i.e. JUST when you think the new podcast software has gone through it’s growing pains and gotten stable.. it grows another head? ~@; P

    Favorite story? All of em… but you got me especially interested in finding what constellation that newly discovered gas cloud is in? A quick search says Aquila.. These images help? http://phys.org/news/2016-01-giant-gas-cloud-boomeranging-milky.html

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