Weekly Space Hangout – Jan. 30, 2015: Paul Hildebrandt Fights for Space!

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain)

Ramin Skibba (@raminskibba)
Dave Dickinson (@astroguyz / www.astroguyz.com)

Special Guest: Paul Hildebrandt from Fight For Space

This Week’s Stories:
Citizen Scientists Discover Milky Way Objects
Aldebaran Occultation Season Begins
iPhone Astrophotography
Comparing the Albedo of 67P
A moon for 2004 BL86 (by Bob King)
Spirograph Solar System Objects
NASA Tests Robotic Helicoper That Would Act as Mars Scout
MACS J0416 Data is Complete
TWiM [This Week In Musk]: USAF and SpaceX Agree on EELV Settlement
TWiM: Full Functionality of Crew Dragon’s Super Drago Jetpacks Demonstrated with Hotfire Test in McGregor, TX
Coronal Loops Reveal Magnetic Dance
New Ideas on Antarctic Possible Meteor Impact
Ice Sheet Retreat
New Space Telescope Concept Could Image Objects at Far Higher Resolution than Hubble
NASA Alters Orion Heat Shield for 2018 Flight with advanced 3D Thermal Protection Fabric Needed for Destination Mars
NASA Puts Online a Big Collection of Space Sounds, and They’re Free the Download and Use
Gigantic Ring System Around J1407b Much Larger, Heavier than Saturn’s
Asteroid 2004 BL86 Has a Moon
TWiM: SpaceX Preparing for the Crewed Dragon Abort Tests
ULA/Aerojet Rocketdyne Representatives Highlight New NGLS Booster
NASA Observes Day of Remembrance Jan. 31
Black Hole Chokes on a Swallowed Star
Astronomers Find Oldest-Known Start System
Google Lunar XPrize Teams Win $5.25M in Preliminary Contests
A Coffee Cup Designed to Let Astronauts Sip Espresso in Space
Hawaiians Fight Mega-Telescope Construction on Sacred Ground
Transforming Mini-Neptunes into Super-Earths
Tiny Spacesuits Keep Bugs from Exploding in Vacuum
Nobel Laureate and Laser Inventor Charles Townes Dies at 99
Fight for Space: NASA & Space Exploration Doc, Final Push by Paul Hildebrandt – Kickstarter
ATK and Orbital Shareholders Approve Merger
CAT Scan of Nearby Supernova Remnant Reveals Frothy Interior
Rosetta’s Odd Comet Covered in “Goose Bumps,” Pits, Cracks

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