Rosetta Comet Sounds Make ‘Across The Universe’ Song Oh So Spooky

It’s not quite across the universe from us, but Rosetta’s comet is a fair distance away — outside the orbit of Mars and drawing slightly closer to the Sun by the day. Recently, the team behind the probe released a “song” the comet produced, as picked up by the Rosetta Plasma Consortium instruments on the spacecraft. Now a YouTube artist has decided to take that a step further and play the sounds as background to a famous Beatles tune.

“When I first heard that the ESA had not only landed on but recorded audio from a comet, I knew I had to make something out of it,” wrote Andrew Huang, the creator of the video, on YouTube. “This is my reworking of the Beatles’ awesome cosmic ballad “Across the Universe” which, apart from my singing, was created entirely with sounds from the Rosetta space probe’s recording of Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.”

It’s a spooky rendition that makes you think of the dots you see in the sky as actual worlds or stars, producing energy and sounds and other phenomena that make them unique. Huang also created a video showing how he designed the song. What other Sirens will call to us from the cosmos?

(h/t io9, The Mary Sue)