Weekly Space Hangout – Sept. 26, 2014: So Wait, Do Black Holes Exist or Not?!?

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain)

Morgan Rehnberg (cosmicchatter.org / @cosmic_chatter)
Alessondra Springmann (@sondy)
Ramin Skibba (@raminskibba)
Brian Koberlein (@briankoberlein)
Jason Major (@JPMajor)

This Week’s Stories:
Two Mars missions in two days
Oh, my! We get some MOM photos
SpaceX launch
BICEP and “cosmic dust”
Philae Landing Date Set
ESO Signs Agreement to Build MOONS: The Multi Object Optical and Near-infrared Spectrograph
No Black Holes, Sorry!
SpaceX Has Broken Ground on their Texas Spaceport
Moon Landing Theories Further Debunked
ALMA Has Achieved Longest Baseline Yet – 7 km
Black Holes Do Exist
Guido’s own blog post summarizing the crew changes on the ISS.

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