Astrophoto: Special Delivery to the Moon

Fly me — or my package — to the Moon? “Anything is possible!” said astrophotographer Sebastien Lebrigand, via email to Universe Today. Lebrigand lives along the flight path to the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and regularly takes images of planes flying in front of the Moon, (see another of his shots here), but he’s thinking this might be his best one yet.

He used a 102/660 mm refractor telescope with a Canon EOS60d camera to capture this shot.

Note: This photo does not constitute an endorsement or advertisement.

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2 Replies to “Astrophoto: Special Delivery to the Moon”

  1. Unfortunate that great images like this aren’t that impressive anymore since you see pretty much everything faked anyway. Too bad there wasn’t a way, a small watermark if you will, that certifies an image isn’t a composite.

    1. If you stand out by the airport, and the Moon position is right, you can pretty much be guaranteed of getting a picture like this. Especially at a busy airport. It’s all about timing.

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