Astrophoto: Stunning Wide-Field Mosaic of the Milky Way

This gorgeous view of the Milky Way was taken by astrophotographer Tanja Sund during a trip to the desert in Nevada. Made from just two images, this long exposure (180 seconds) mosaic has incredible detail and stunning clarity. You seriously need to click on this image to see a larger version!

See more of Tanja’s work at her Flickr page. She has some beautiful night sky and aurora photos, as well as some striking landscape imagery.

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One Reply to “Astrophoto: Stunning Wide-Field Mosaic of the Milky Way”

  1. “Gorgeous” the word, breathtaking the spread. Subtle radiant hues, stellar horizon blue. Panorama of shadow in light, clouds of space in time. Distances beyond fathom, Galaxy-night unimagined! What is the World of man, in such an ocean span? Less than speck of dust, on stellar balance all but lost.

    How stirs the heart on sunset shore, and fires the mind with dreams at dusk.

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