Space Shows Up Prominently in What the World Searched for in 2013

For the past 13 years, Google has put together their annual “Zeitgeist” lists — “signs of the times” as to what people around the world were interested in, as registered by the internet’s largest search engine. In this compilation video, released by Google today, you’ll see space exploration and astronomical events show up several times. At :17 in the “New Frontiers” section with Voyager 2 entering interstellar space; at :45 the Chelyabinsk meteor flashes across the screen, at :53 the Kirobo robot shows up, at 1:13 Curiosity rolls across Mars, and at 1:14 you can look out the cupola windows of the International Space Station in the “Inspiration” section. You can see what trended in the various charts here.