This Time-Lapse ISS Video Isn’t Just Another Time-Lapse ISS Video

It’s actually remarkably beautiful, and well worth two minutes of your time.*

Assembled from actual photographs taken by astronauts aboard the Space Station, many of them by Don Pettit during Expedition 31 (Don took a lot of photos) this timelapse “The World Outside My Window” by David Peterson ramps up the artistic value by featuring super-duper high definition, smoothed frame transitions and a musical score by “Two Steps From Hell.” (Don’t worry, that sounds scarier than it is.) Even if you’ve seen some of these clips before, they’re worth another go.

After all, there’s no good reason not to be reminded of how beautiful our planet is from space. Enjoy!

*It’s actually two minutes and twenty-eight seconds but I don’t think you’ll mind.

5 Replies to “This Time-Lapse ISS Video Isn’t Just Another Time-Lapse ISS Video”

  1. I tried playing this in high-def twice on my Windows computer. Both times I got the Blue Screen of Death, which I didn’t think even existed any more.

  2. Thanks UT.

    And to think at one point, the bean counters had temporarily succeeded in canceling the Cupola. Thanks a bunch ESA for seeing it through and STS-130 for delivery. 🙂

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